Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Glittery Jar of Delight by Diana Gonzalez

Recently, I acquired about 2 lbs or so of Red Glitter (by Art Institute Glitter, it was on sale, and it still is HERE). So, I put it together with sentiment stickers from a past Sampler Kit, and little bottles by Tim Holtz, and some hemp rope, and came up with this:

I antiqued the jar, by rubbing a nail file onto it, and all around the sides. The nail file is one of those rough and tough ones that you use on acrylic or false nails.

That’s all, really. I glued the cork to the jar, and wrapped a little bit of hemp rope around the rim, then glued the sentiment, “delight” because really, what else do you call a tiny little jar filled with glitter, right?

Oh, and of course wondrous, fabulous, amazing red glitter by Art Institute Glitter.
Then, a jump ring, and chain put it all together.

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