Saturday, November 26, 2011

Clear Glass Ornaments with Art Glitter!

Clear Glass Balls are so fun to decorate! There are so many ways to do it! We filled some of these bulbs above with Fantasy Fiber and Film - No Glue Required!  These are so fast to do you can't believe it. A couple of them have ribbon that has a touch of glitter on it pushed inside. Beautiful!

Or you can completely cover them with glitter. But the question is to glitter inside (like above) or outside (like below). Let your whims lead you!

Glittering the outside of a bulb is simple, paint on your Designer Dries Clear adhesive with your favorite type of brush (I usually use a foam brush) and spoon the glitter on while the adhesive is wet, white and shiny. Then either hang your ornament to dry or place it in your glitter tray, being sure the sides do not touch anything other than glitter while drying. Should only take half an hour to an hour to dry.

To glitter inside a bulb you need watered down Designer Dries Clear adhesive. You can go pretty thin when using Art Glitter Ultrafine colors or Dazzlers. However the heaver the glitter, like our Vintage Glass Glitter, Gala Glitz or Glass Beads, the thicker you will want your glue. If your glitter/beads are too heavy, they will slide to top or bottom of bulb, however you are holding it.

I put some watered down DDC in an old 2oz bottle with the black spout on and squeezed the glue inside the ball. Rolled the ball around until the inside was covered with glue. Next I held the open end of the ball over a tray and let the excess drip out. This can take a while depending on how much glue you used. So I set my bulb in an egg carton for about 5-10 minutes. This works great if you are doing several at a time, by the time you have 5 or more setting upside down, dripping, your first one is ready to glitter.

Now all you have to do is spoon or funnel in the glitter and roll around inside of ball until it is covered. Pour out excess. If you didn't let enough excess glue drip out, you will have some glitter/glue balls slide out into your clean glitter. If this happens, just let glitter/glue ball dry and take out of your glitter.

Let your ornament dry without top on. It will take anywhere from 1.5 to 5 days to dry completely inside. The thicker the glue, the longer it takes to dry.

Fantastic and fun! Go to our Fanpage: and post a picture of your glittered ornament, enjoy!

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  1. These look like alot of fun to make. I'll have to learn more about the film.