Sunday, December 4, 2011

Ornament Favors by Cassandra Midkiff

Every year around this time I try to think of little tokens of appreciation for my family that show them I care but are not too expensive. This year I’ve come up with tag/ornaments.  On one side they have the too/from and on the other a beautifully decorated little piece ready to hang on their tree.

I found these inexpensive papermache ornaments at my local craft store for $.99. I covered the ornament with my Designer Dries Clear adhesive and put a vintage sheet of poetry paper on top. After cutting off the excess paper I dry brushed some white acrylic paint on top so the words show through lightly. Next I tore some green scrapbook paper to act as my ground and glued it into place; I took the same paper and glued it to the back of my ornament as well adding my to and from in pen. Taking my brown ink pad I gently went around the edges of the ornament to give it an aged look. I then took some pom-pom trim and glued it around the edge of my ornament, you can also paint this area if it is easier for you.

With my background in place I put down more Designer Adhesive along the top of my green “ground” and using my small spoon shook some Faux Snow on top. When that was dry I went back and put another line of glue and sprinkled Confection Dazzlers on top.

While it was drying I cut out my deer and poinsettia pictures. I glued some illustration board to the back of both to give my piece some dimension. I tied a little red and white thread around my deer’s neck and then using the designer adhesive outlined the deer’s bell and sprinkled Ultrafine Opaque Hologram Glitter #136 Chromosphere on top. I also outlined his ears and the top of his back and put some more Confection Dazzlers to make it look as though he had been snowed on.

I always like to use vintage items on my pieces when I can and recently found some vintage millinery stamen and some plastic holly berry leaves. I combined the two and glued it to my ornament. Once it was dry I put down more adhesive and sprinkled it with Gala Glitz in Silver my personal favorite.

I added glue to my poinsettia and sprinkled it with Chunky Opaque Hologram Glitter #332 Red Rocket. I added some sequins and a few drops and sprinkles of Confection Dazzlers to act as my snow. Then I glued everything into place. Once that was finished I added some vintage mercury bulbs to the top of the ornament.

Now it is ready to attach to your gift! A truly sweet little keepsake for someone you care about.  I’ve included the deer image for your crafting projects.


  1. LOVE THIS! This is so retrofabulous!

    I love the Barbara Twombly glass glitter and have used the fine glitter in lots of projects, no other glitter compares!


  2. These are so adorable, I'm wishing I was in your family!

  3. This is so cute! What a great gift idea.