Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Freehand Glittered Holiday Cards by Barbara Trombley

What could be easier than a few swishes of the glue bottle, a dash of glitter and voila a beautifully handcrafted holiday card!

Barbara’s Designer Dries Clear adhesive with the Ultrafine Metal Tip attached coupled with her exquisite glitter make her smooth, flowing designs simply divine!

Did you know this is exactly how Barbara got started? By making homemade Christmas cards for friends and family she developed a handmade greeting card business that grew into her glitter manufacturing business of today.

She started out with cheep white glue and that big metallic glitter of old. Soon it was apparent how popular her ideas were and she needed quality materials. Hence the industrial strength Designer Dries Clear adhesive designed by a calligrapher, (Barbara) it is forever flexible and will hold glitter for over 30 years. At least that is how long it has been around, I’m sure it will last longer!

Here’s Barbara sharing her talents with a class of glitter enthusiasts, learning how to freehand holiday designs on cards.

They did a great job!

Barbara’s products have grown so much from just glitter to the organic pleasures of Elements Earth Textures shown in the wreath above. Faux Snow, Glass Beads, Vintage Glass Glitter and even Dazzlers, all favorites for the holiday season!

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