Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Salt Shaker photo or place tag holders by Cassandra Midkiff

I’ve seen this idea a few times and have always wanted to add my own “sparkle” to it. I found two vintage glass salt and pepper shakers at my local thrift store. I like items that have some wear and tear to them; I think it adds to their charm.

To begin I took the cap off and rubbed some Designer Dries Clear Adhesive around the edge of it. I then placed it directly into my Apricot Vintage Glass Glitter and rolled on the sparkle, I love the texture and quality of these glitters. I set it aside to dry and began to work on the body of the salt shaker. 

I took a small amount of diluted adhesive and added it to the inside of my shaker I put my finger over the top and swirled it around. Next I took about half a teaspoon of my Ultrafine Transparent glitter in Urchin and added it to the inside and also swirled it around until it was coated.

While that was drying I went through some of my vintage rhinestone jewelry to find a piece that would work as a frame if you don’t have any rhinestone jewelry try using a shell, flower, metal finding or making a frame out of glitter. Once I found my perfect piece I used Beacon 527 glue to attach it since it is metal to glass.  Again I set it aside to dry and went back to my lid.

I had some jewelry wire lying around so I am not sure the gauge. It is thick enough to stay in place but easy enough to bend with pliers. I twisted it around in a circle twice leaving a “slot” where my photo can go and then attached it to my shaker lid. I can tell this is something I will have to practice on more. I decided the silver was too shiny for my vintage inspired piece and painted it white with an acrylic paint. I didn’t seal the paint and don’t mind if it gets chippy I think it will add to it.

I then went back to the body of the shaker where I had glued my rhinestone frame. I use words from vintage poetry books often so I had some already pre-cut you could always print out your words if that isn’t convenient for you. I placed some of my DDC adhesive inside the rhinestone frame and added my word then took some more Apricot Vintage Glass Glitter and sprinkled it on top.

I rubbed some DDC adhesive all over the top of my shaker lid and sprinkled some Confections Dazzlers on top.

When that was dry I put it all together and viola a charming piece to give as a gift, adorn your home with or as an addition to a party as place holders.


  1. These are so beautiful!

  2. Love your itdea!!! Thank You for sharing!!!

  3. love this project!.....I will have to keep my eye out now for some old shakers at the thrift stores!

    Great idea!!!!