Friday, March 30, 2012

Sea Sprite Napkin Rings by Emma MacDonald

Have you ever picked a color at the nail salon solely based on the name of the nail polish? Well, I have! (Cajun Shrimp is my new favorite-as you can see by the pics below!) Colors inspire me tremendously, but when they’re also paired with a clever name, it becomes creative destiny! And glitter is no different. I was shopping on and the name, “Sea Sprite,” captured my eye! I automatically knew I wanted to create something “nautical,” with it!

Bring a touch of coastal living to your kitchen or patio table with these nostalgic napkin rings.

Materials used:
-Art Glitter: Vintage Glass Glitter, Sea Sprite (621)
-Art Glitter: Vintage Glass Glitter, Diamond Dust (613)
-Designer Dries Clear Adhesive
-wooden napkin rings
-small white sea shells
-strips of burlap
-condiment cups
-hot glue gun/sticks
-spray lacquer

All of these items can be picked up at any retail craft store.  But if you are vacationing at the beach this year, save some money and find your own shells.

Apply tape to the middle of the napkin rings, leaving a thin border on both ends and brush Designer Dries Clear over it.

Pour a small amount of Sea Sprite (621), Vintage Glass Glitter, into a condiment cup.  I love using these cups because they make transporting glitter back to their containers- a cinch!  While the glue is still wet, dip the ends into the glitter.  Remove tape and let it dry.

Brush a thin layer of Designer Dries Clear over the tops of the shells and dip it into the Diamond Dust (613), Vintage Glass Glitter. Let it dry.

Now use Designer Dries Clear again to glue the burlap strips to the center of the napkin rings.  Tie a small piece of jute around the center of the each ring and cut off the tails. Finally, hot glue the glittered shell over the knot.  Let it dry.

NOTE: Please use caution with Vintage Glass Glitter and eating utensils. Make sure to brush off any excess glitter after it has dried and give it a quick coat of spray lacquer for safety reasons. Another alternative is an Ultrafine Art Glitter choice...enjoy!


  1. These are so pretty! I might have to try them. Perhaps your color theory is why I have so many different mediums in Chocolate!

    1. thank you, they were fun to make.....same with me and all my shades of green!