Friday, March 23, 2012

Sweet & Sassy Tulle Pom-Poms by Emma McDonald

This project was inspired by my “now” 5 year old niece’s Strawberry Shortcake birthday party this year. My sister-in-law asked me to come up with some decorative ideas using rolls of tulle. So of course I searched the web and saw a picture of these simple and playful tulle pom-poms. I immediately remembered making some similar out of yarn, years back, using a pom-pom maker. But being the frugal crafter that I am, I decided to make my own instead.

These sugary sweet pom-poms will sure to be a hit at your next baby, bridal, or birthday bash!

Materials used:

-Art Glitter: Confection DAZZLERS (D29)

-Designer Dries Clear Adhesive
-rolled tulle 

-embroidery thread or twine


To make your own pom-pom maker you’ll need some cardboard.  I took a box, flattened it out, and used various sizes of bowls to trace onto it.  Just make sure you make 2 of each size.  Draw a smaller circle into the centers of each and cut out the inner and outer circles until it resembles a donut.  Determine how big or small you want your pom-poms to be and size the cardboard donuts accordingly.

Place the 2 matching donuts together and wrap it completely with a strip of tulle. (1  yard of tulle was used for this small pom-pom….remember the bigger the donut the more tulle you will need to wrap.)

 Cut between and around the two cardboard donuts.

Spread the donut pieces away from the center and use thread to tie together.  Keep in mind the length in which you wish to hang it later.

Lightly brush the Designer Dries Clear over the top of the tulle and remove cardboard donut.

Sprinkle Confection DAZZLERS onto a clean, dry tray.  While the glue is still wet, press the tulle into the glitter.  Shake off excess and repeat on the other side.  Hang, spread tulle apart, and let dry.

I especially love how this glitter gives the appearance of sugar!  Which is perfect for such a sweet little girl’s party?

Now display them as you wish: staggering the different sizes over a cake table, string small pom-poms together to make a garland, or hang large ones from trees.  Whatever you decide, you can’t go wrong with these! And when the party’s over- hang them as décor in your child’s  room, or give them away as a favor to your guests.

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