Saturday, April 28, 2012

Birds Of A Feather Sparkle Together by Sherri Reehil-Welser

With the fun popularity of feathers these days the kids and I decided to create fun some feather earrings and feathers for the hair for this Art Glitter project. We began with different colors and sizes of feathers, wrapping 24 gauge colored wire with seed beads around the top of the feathers. This will then be a place to attach the jump ring and fish hook ear wires for the pierced earrings. For creating the feathers for the hair, we did the same thing but attached the feather to the wire with a small rubber band to then be wrapped in the hair.

It was fun using Art Glitter for these feathers as the sparkle is amazing and it is the perfect touch for these fun and funky earrings. And of course the girls felt that the more “sparkle” the prettier the feather design!! Some just dipped the tip of the feather by first lightly brushing Art Glitter Designer Dries Clear Adhesive at the tip of the feather (or wherever you would like some awesome sparkle!) and then either sprinkle Art Glitter over the feather for a light sparkle or dip it for more of a vibrant effect! To finish these beauties up attach a small jump ring and fish hook ear wire to the wire wrapped area at the top of the feather and voila…. beautiful, sparkly colorful earrings in no time! The girls loved this project and wanted to wear them even before they were dry!!! Hope you all have a wonderful experience creating these easy and fun feather earrings and hair adornments!

Here we used 2 corresponding feathers on each side to give a fun effect!

~Another group of double feathered earrings~