Thursday, April 12, 2012

Gone Fishin' by Sherri Reehil-Welser

The warm weather is upon us and kids are ready for the fishing poles!! We have quite a few beautiful little waterways for the kids to go fishing at around here and thought it would be fun to create some colorful fish before actually being able to throw the line in!

These “rainbow” fish are created using a large fish stencil and kraft paper. The kids then traced and cut out their fish two at time as these fish would be stapled together and stuffed! Next comes the fun and creative part of coloring and making the fish their own with designs, buttons and Art Glitter!

There is never a shortage of colors when using Art Glitter... and they fit the project we had in mind with the fish perfectly! Fish often “shimmer and glimmer”  in the sun after being caught and that is exactly what our fish did when we applied Designer Dries Clear Adhesive and Art Glitter! Topped with old buttons it added some interest and fun to our project~ even though we all know “fish don’t have buttons”.

After designing the fish we stapled them together but left a hole big enough to stuff them with shredded paper.  And for the final touch we hung them from an “old fashioned” fishing pole! This was a very easy project and the kids had a blast creating their fish and hanging them from the poles! In the end we thought it would be fun to hang the pole from the art room’s wall as if someone had just caught the fish!

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  1. oh wow, they definitely have the sheen of real fish, great job. hugs