Sunday, April 22, 2012

Fun Times by Emma McDonald

I love going to second hand stores for 2 reasons: First, I love the thrill of searching for hidden treasures amongst all the abandoned junk. Secondly, you can’t beat the prices. On many occasions I let the “stuff” speak for itself. For example, I was walking up and down the aisles at Goodwill and suddenly I see an old tart pan for 50 cents. I quickly grabbed it, thinking someone else would see its immense potential for greatness, but when I looked around, no one really cared. I proudly placed it in my cart and as I did, I saw it transform -into a Kitschy CLOCK!

Materials used

Art Glitter: SHABBY CHIC Pee Wee Kit
Designer Dries Clear Adhesive
Ultrafine Metal Tip
old metal tart pan
power drill
quartz clock movement kit (for 6mm/ 1/4 inch surfaces)
scrapbook paper/ printed design
circle cutter / pencil compass
decoupage glue: matte
piece of paper

Since we are turning this tart pan into a clock you will need to drill a hole into the center. My husband, kindly helped me with this task. Then use a circle cutter or a pencil compass to create an 8 inch circle out of scrapbook paper and decoupage it onto the pan. Next, cut out your design and decoupage it on top. I found a cute 50’s design in a scrapbook paper pad that had the saying already on it. You can also search, download, and print free retro images on-line to use as well.

Now place the Ultrafine Metal Tip to the end of the Designers Dries Clear adhesive and fill in the images you want to glitter.

Working with one color at a time, sprinkle the SHABBY CHIC kit glitter over the wet glue. Turn the tart pan over onto a piece of paper that is creased down the middle and lightly tap the back of the pan to remove excess glitter onto the paper. Pick up the paper, slightly folding it and transfer the unused glitter back to its container. This is an easy trick that I picked up from my 3rd grade teacher. Thanks Mrs. White!

Use the Noodgers to straighten the edges of the glued and glittered images. After everything has dried, use a soft dry paint brush to remove any excess glitter.

Follow directions on packaging to assemble the clock to the pan. Finally, use Designers Dries Clear again to glue the buttons instead of numbers onto the clock. Let it dry, set the time, and hang it where ever you need a reminder to be child- like and have FUN!!!!


  1. very cool! fun accents of glitter

  2. i think i need something to remind me of adult-like behavior.