Thursday, May 17, 2012

Eggshell Pin with Glitter with Trudy

Hi everyone!

True here, and I am super excited to be sharing my very first post on the Art Glitter blog with you!

I love making pins out of eggshells and love adding sparkle to them!

For this one, I made a double thick chipboard base free-hand oval, then covered it with canvas and gesso.
I covered the oval with a thick coat of Art Glitter Designer Dries Clear glue then pushed some egg shells down into it.  Then I added some crushed shells mixed with  D56 Dragonfly Dazzlers glitter, and sprinkled the mixture in between the egg shell pieces. 
I then added some ink and Glimmer Mist then sealed it with a brush-on gloss sealer. I added a pretty Prima flower and leaves but the flower needed some more pizzazz so I added some 303 Volare ultra-fine transparent glitter!

Then I added some D56 Dragonfly Dazzlers.  I still didn't have quite the look I wanted so I pulled the pinkish color from the pin to the flower with  356 Grape Nector Opaque Ultra-fine glitter.

Voila! Perfectly sprinkled flower my book anyhow!  ;)

Thanks so much for dropping by!
True :D
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  1. Do you real egg shells? I've never heard of that. Your piece is gorgeous!