Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Headband Fun with Cherie Goyer

I am so excited to be sharing this project with Art Glitter today! I have an obsession, with a certain type of hair accessory. It is such a big deal, that I can’t live without it, and people RARELY see me without this in my hair.

It is a headband!

My favorite headbands are glitter ones. I had this totally awesome one, that one day, fell off my head and my friend accidentally stepped on it and it broke. It was a really sad day. BUT – the glitter headband has now returned, because I figured out how to make one myself, and I know there will be many more I will make in my future!

To make this amazing glittery headband was SUPER easy! What you are going to need is:
A headband form at any size, mine is 2” (You can order these online or use and old headband you no longer like, I found mine at hair-hardware.com)

Designer Dries Clear Adhesive
A paintbrush
Ultrafine Opaque Hologram Glitter in #129 Nova
Clear Acrylic Spray Paint

I first coated the headband with a layer of glue and let it dry completely. Then I brushed on glue to a section of the headband and sprinkled on the glitter. I continued to do this until the entire top of the headband was coated with glitter. Shake off the excess glitter. I wanted to make sure it was fully covered, and I wanted the glitter to be thick (I am obsessed with all sparkly objects) so I did another coat of glue and glitter after it had all dried.  Plus, the hologram glitter is AMAZING! It catches the light in a completely different way! I think it adds a ton of dimension, and it extra sparkly!
Knowing that the glitter would stay, I still wanted a little extra gloss, and some weather protection (I lived in Washington, I have had my fair share of rain!) so I sprayed the headband with a clear acrylic spray paint. 
Once everything was dry, I cut a piece of felt to fit the inside of the headband and hot glued it to the inside for a lining.  And TaDa! One amazing super glittery headband!
I will tell you, that the first time I wore this headband, it was a wonderful sunny day, and people came up to me in stores telling me how much they LOVED my headband! That was the point where I think I should pass out a card with Art Glitter’s website on it, so they make their own too!

Cherie Goyer


  1. Very cute! Know what you mean about the compliments - every time I wear my jean jacket with the glittered flower brooch I get lots of good comments! We all love glitter!

  2. This would be perfect for my daughter's dance team!!! Great idea Cherie!