Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Heart Pendants by Laura Drahozal

For this post, I am using Art Glitter and Globecraft Memories products to create beautiful new jewelry. I created three different pieces. The frames for each of the pieces were created the same way. I used a Globecraft Memories jewelry frame piece (not quite on the market yet--but very soon), and two or three coats of chunky embossing powder. After that, the techniques diverge a little.


1) Emboss frame with Globecraft Siam Silver. There is a filigree frame and a solid heart in a set, so emboss both.

2) Put Designer Dries Clear Glue on back of the filigree using the fine tip. Carefully place on the solid heart and let dry.

3) Fill the center filigree heart with Globecraft Glastique solution. Sprinkle with #252 Red Planet Opaque Chunky Hologram. Let dry for a little while.

4) Fill background cells with Glastique and CAREFULLY add #519 Reed Microfine Opaque Glitter. Let dry for a while.

5) When heart seems dry, repeat steps 3 and 4.

6) When the whole heart is dry, cover project with Glastique. Do a couple of coats, with drying time between each.


1) Emboss frame with a couple of coats of Globecraft Vintage Gold powder.

2) Put Designer Dries Clear on the back of the filigree using the fine tip. Carefully place heart on white tissue paper.

3) Put #903 Vintage Glass Shards in Alexandrite into the wells of the filigree.

4) Carefully add Glastique over the vintage shards. If the shards raise up, push them back down with fine tipped scissors.

5) When the Glastique dries, add another coat.

6) After the second coat dries, cover the entire thing with Glastique. Do this twice.

What I love about this technique is that the Glastique actually lifts some of the color from the shards and blends it around. This makes the piece look like stained glass. Raising the color actually lightens the project as well, so choose a darker color than you think you need.


1) For this project, I use two identical frames. These frames are embossed on one side each with Globecraft Vintage Gold embossing powder.

2) Using the fine tip and the Designer Dries Clear Glue, glue the frames, plain side down on a piece of acetate. Make sure that they are lined up with each other back to acetate to back. Wait until dry.

3) Work on only one side. Fill center heart with #911 Lapis Vintage Glass Shards and cover with Glastique.

4) After the center heart is a little dry, place #902 Kryptonite in chosen wells and cover with Glastique. Make sure that you are working on the same side.

5) When dry, fill wells with another coat of Glastique.

6) When the entire piece is dry, coat with Glastique. Do this twice.

What I love about this piece is that you can wear it on one side if you prefer things more "vintage-y" and the other side (with just the acetate) if you like something more "neat" looking. This piece is also impacted by the lifting of color from the shards. Choose a darker color than you think you need, and enjoy the stained glass look.

I really enjoyed making this simple jewelry. I like the Vintage Glass Shards versions the best, although my niece (one of my models) really wants the other piece for herself. What I particularly liked about the shards is the way that the sun glints off of them. You can really tell that they are glass, yet, with the Glastique coating, they don't scratch your skin at all.

I am enjoying being on the team and am looking forward to an entire year of pushing the edges of glittering possibilities. I will be featured on this blog again next month, but until then you can check out my blog and shine on!



  1. wonderful projects! and a lot of fun I bet! GREAT JOB

  2. Nice job at pushing Glass Glitter to a different level and letting it 'shine'!

  3. Great job on these Laura! They are so pretty - even prettier when they are on someone!