Saturday, January 19, 2013

Hair Decorations for Dancers

In my spare time I coach a high school dance team.  Like many school teams we operate on a pretty low budget, but the girls still like to change outfits and accessories to match their dances.  We are currently working on a little Latin-flavored dance with black lace gloves and I wanted some cute pink flowers for their hair.  In searching for these I ran into two problems - #1 - it is hard to find 10 of the same thing, let alone 10 in the color I wanted and #2 - even though they were only $4.00 ea, when I have to get 10 of them, that's $40 for a little hair bling.  So I decided to take a stab at making my own.....

For this project I used:  pink roses from the dollar store, Art Glitter Fabric Adhesive, Art Glitter Ultrafine glitter - Pink Diamond, Round brads, Acrylic gems, felt circles, hair clips.

Begin by removing all the leaves and plastic from the flowers so that all you are left with is the layers of fabric petals.

Using a paint brush, apply splotches of Art Glitter Fabric adhesive around the outer edges of the petals.

Waterfall the glitter over the glue while it is still wet, and shake off the excess.  I like to work over a coffee filter to catch the excess glitter.

Repeat on all the petal layers.

Place the largest section, glitter side up and run a ring of AG fabric glue around the center.

Place the next section on top of the first so that the hole in the centers line up, but the petals do not.  Hold in place for a few minutes until the glue starts to grab, then repeat with the other layers.

Run the prongs of a brad through the center hole and bend back to secure.  If I had 10 of the same color brad, these might have made cute centers.

But since I didn't, I covered the brads with acrylic gems that I had on hand.

For the clip, simply place a felt circle in between the prongs of the hair clip.  Use hot glue or E6000 to glue the felt to the back of the flower.

The girls will look spectacular when they dance tomorrow night!  And.... instead of spending $40.00 I spent less than $10.00!!

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  1. These flowers are fabulous!! Just perfect. The price is right too!! Good job!

    Hugs Giggles