Saturday, January 5, 2013

Decorations with Glitter!

Happy New Year All!!  I have a very festive New Year's decoration to share today.

For this project I used:  Clear Scraps' Scallop Square page, Double sided tape, Clear Scraps' 6x6 Numbers Stencil, Art Glitter Ultrafine Opaque Glitters:  Pink Diamond, Sunrise, Old Gold, Celery & Black.

I began by centering a sheet of double stick tape - cut 5 1/2" square - on to the acrylic page.  (Don't forget to remove the protective coating from the acrylic - I did that the first time thru)  Remove the protective plastic from the tape.

I soaped the back of the stencil to keep it from sticking too hard to the tape and then placed it over the exposed tape.

I covered the entire surface of the tape with black glitter.

Then I brushed off the excess.  Try to get as much of the excess glitter off as possible so it doesn't fall back into the exposed areas when you remove the stencil.

Then I removed the stencil.  

I began at the lower corner with Pink Diamond Glitter.  I covered a portion of the exposed tape and the shook off the excess.

Then I did the same thing with the Sunrise on the next section.

I repeated this process with Old Gold and Celery glitters.  It looks like a mess here, but that is because the glitter has clung to the exposed acrylic.  It cleans up well with a soft brush.  

Then I added some glue dots and covered with glitter and finished with some sparkly letters.

Happy 2013 Everyone!!


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