Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Gala Glitz!!!

 Looking for some wall art?  You can make it easily enough with Art Glitter.  While I had a very specific material, which dictated certain glitter colors, you can use ANY material, motif and glitter colors.  Just make sure to use Art Glitter Fabric Glue.

Art Glitter Dries Clear Fabric Glue
Ultrafine Metal Tip
Art Glitter Microfine Transparent 715 Venus
Art Glitter Fine Vintage Glass Glitter in 605 Pink Cameo
Art Glitter Fine Vintage Glass Glitter in 603 Shamrock
Art Glitter Fine Vintage Glass Glitter in 609 Grape Arbor
Art Glitter Gala Glitz in Silver
16x20 Canvas
1/2 Yard Fabric
Staple Gun With Staples
Chipboard Letters
Globecraft Enamel/Embossing Powder Adhesive
Globecraft Piccolo Vintage Silver Enamel Powder
Heat Gun

1)  Lay fabric on top of canvas.  Flip over the fabric and canvas.
2)  Use the staple gun to staple down fabric on one of the 20" sides of the canvas.  Staple every 4 or so inches.
3)  Pull the fabric taut up and around the other 20" side and staple in place.
4)  Pull the fabric tautly up on a 16" side and staple in place.
5)  Pull the final side up and staple.  The whole fabric piece should be tight across the front.
6)  Fold corners and tuck to create a diagonal, as if wrapping a gift.  Staple down.
7)  Staple in between previous staples, pulling tighter whenever necessary to create a flat, tight fabric on the front of the canvas.
8)  Use the fabric adhesive and metal tip to add accents of glitter around the fabric.  I liked the look of Transparent Ultrafine and Fine Glass Shards, but you can use any kind of glitter you like.  Just make sure to use the finest glitter first so that it goes down only where you want it.
9)  Use embossing liquid on the chipboard letters and cover with enamel powder.

10)  Heat set and let cool.
11)  Use embossing liquid and powder a second time.
12)  When the second layer gets heated, it becomes sort of liquid and bubbly.  When it does this, cover immediately with Gala Glitz and let cool.
13)  Heat very quickly to blow off any loose glitz.  As the powder reheats, some of the glitz will move a little.  While the glitz will not melt, it is still a good idea to make this step quick, as you don't want the glitz to move completely off the letters.  Let cool.  This sets the glitz very firmly into the embossing powder.
14)  Adhere the letters by putting glue on the back and placing them onto the canvas.  Press down slightly for a few moments.

I really wish that the initial picture here did this project some justice, but I just know it doesn't.  The colors I chose are fairly close to the original fabric colors but, as I mentioned, you can chose any colors that you want.  Probably the best thing that this project did for me is make me realize how really cool the Gala Glitz product can be!  It is SOOO sparkly and using the embossing enamels really makes it stick.......You will be seeing more from me with that technique in the future!

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