Saturday, March 16, 2013

Easter Eggs That Sparkle

Are you ready to add a little glitter to your Easter basket?  Today I'm glittering up a couple of Easter Eggs.  These eggs are real eggs that have had the yoke blown out.  You could use these same techniques on plastic, paper mache or ceramic eggs.  I wouldn't recommend it on eggs you intend to eat, for two reasons:  #1 - it would be tough to shell this egg and not end up with glitter on your hard-boiled egg, and #2 (more importantly) why would you want to destroy your art???
Begin by drawing your design onto your egg with a pencil or light colored Sharpie.  I used a silver Sharpie here so that it would show up better for illustration purposes.   If you use a blown-out egg, you have a hole at the top and bottom of the egg.  Use a wooden skewer to hold the egg while you work.  This will hopefully keep your fingers out of your design.

Use a metal fine tip applicator on a bottle of Art Glitter Body Glue and carefully trace your design.  Don't go to heavy with the glue or it will run off the rounded surface.  Once you've traced your whole design, set the egg aside to dry.  The glue is dry when it turns clear.

Use a dry brush and your first color of Art Glitter Ultra Fine Glitter - in this case Pink Diamonds.  Brush the glitter onto the desired sections of the design.  

Continue adding shades of glitter to your design.  Here I've added Country red to the teardrops and Pumpkin to the bottom sections of the "S"s.

The top sections of the S's were finished with Art Glitter Old Gold 

For this design, I made some simple 5 petal flowers and dots with the glue.  I brushed Pink Diamonds glitter onto the dots and the outer edges of the flowers.  Then I filled the centers of the flowers with Old Gold and then added some "leaves" in glue that were covered in Emerald Green glitter.

I am now totally addicted to glittering Easter Eggs and heading out to buy some more eggs!

Happy Easter all!!

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  1. I love this idea and they turned out so pretty. Thanks for sharing!