Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Glitter Globes By Laura Bray

Make your own glitter globes. These are great for marking a special occasion. The one I made here was given to my daughter in honor of her first ballet recital.

Supplies & Tools:

Glass Jar. I used a small, caper jar that I washed out.
Small, Styrofoam ball
Ballerina cupcake topper or any other small plastic toy
Light Corn Syrup
Distilled Water
Art Glitter: Transparency Sheets
Silk Flowers
Art Glitter: Designer Dries Clear Adhesive
Art Glitter: Double Sided Tape
Art Glitter: Ultrafine Opaque Hologram Glitter in Jet Eye
Art Glitter: Faux Snow


1. Cut the small Styrofoam ball in half, and glue toy onto half of the ball. Apply glue to base of ball and press into the bottom of your glass jar. (If you are doing a large project and the plastic toy you are using is large, you may be able to glue it directly into the jar without creating a Styrofoam base.) Allow the glue to dry before beginning next step.
2. Pour light corn syrup into the jar, leaving about 3” from the jar top. Sprinkle glitter and snow into the jar. Add distilled water to the jar, leaving about ½ to 1” of open jar to allow for shaking. Make sure the glitters you use are either transparent or ultrafine. Extra large opaque pieces can make it difficult to see your toy. Be sure to use distilled water. Tap water can be cloudy.
3. Apply a fine line of glue around the inside of the jar lid and screw onto top of jar.
4. Embellish jar with ribbon, tulle and silk flowers and other items of your choice.
5. I printed out the words, “my little dancer”, onto transparency paper and taped it to the back of my jar, so that you can read the words through the front of the jar.

This would be a great a project for the holidays, using plastic deer or pine trees and lots of faux snow. If you want to do this project with children or for a child, consider using plastic containers instead of glass jars. Just make sure the plastic is clear for best results.

About Laura Bray

Laura Bray is a professional artist, designer and crafter. She lives in Southern California with her husband, daughter and their dog, Jack. She loves having a career doing what she loves and she shares her business knowledge with other artists and crafters so that they can do they too can live and work creatively. For more information about Laura and to sign-up for her free newsletter, visit her website at www.katydid-designs.com.


  1. I really want to make one of these for my little girl. She is so fascinated with snowglobes right now. Maybe I can even have her help make it! Thanks for sharing!


  2. An easy project that can be fun, too! I've got nieces that would luv this! Great idea!