Friday, August 14, 2009

Glitter Notes By Laura Bray

I always carry a small notepad in purse with me. I use it to make shopping lists and to jot down crafty ideas while I’m out and about. Of course, I always have to embellish my notepads! These make great gifts too

Supplies & Tools:

Small notebook. Mine measures 3” x 5”
Fabric, for my notepad I used a 2.5” x 4” piece.
Cardboard. It should measure the same size as your fabric piece.
Art Glitter to match the colors in your fabric. I used Ultrafine.
Art Glitter: Designer Dries Clear Adhesive


1. Glue fabric onto cardboard backing. This will create a sturdy surface and will prevent the fabric from getting too “wet” and wrinkling in the next step.
2. Once fabric is adhered to cardboard, begin carefully applying glue to areas on the fabric that you want to glitter. Work on one color at a time. For example, I applied glue to all the areas where I wanted to apply green glitter (I used Key Lime #94) and then sprinkled the green glitter over the glued areas. Carefully pick up the fabric and tap off the excess glitter. Continue working, color by color until all the design elements on the fabric, that you want glittered, are sparkling.
3. Allow the fabric to dry.
4. Once the fabric is dry, center and glue it onto your notepad cover.
5. Tie color coordinated ribbon to the spirals on the notepad.

Extra Idea! Cover a composition book in fabric and then glitter the fabric according to the above directions. Tie a ribbon on the spine and you have a lovely journal!

Note: If you are glittering fabric that will need to be laundered, it is recommended that you use Art Glitter’s Fabric Dries Clear Adhesive.

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  1. I like your note pad idea! I need to carry one in my purse so I can write my lists on something other than my receipts :)