Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Mixed Media Canvas by Linda Hess

Painting has always been a challenge for me. That is one reason I LOVE the products from Earth Safe Finishes...they make even my basic painting "skills" come alive!

(Be sure to click on photo for a close up of glitter details!)

For this mixed media canvas I first painted overlapping color blocks using Shimmer Opaque paints in sapphire, turquoise, ruby, and magenta. Once these dried I covered the entire surface with crackle medium, criss crossing as I spread the product. I let the product dry (this took a little bit of time) and then painted over it with gold acrylic paint. I set the canvas aside and let the crackle process take over. I was pleased to see the soft, shimmery look that the canvas took on.

I usually let canvases "speak" to me before I add anything to it. This one asked for stenciling :-) I applied a fabric stencil from Tulip to one side and sponge painted the open areas with Black Pearl Shimmer Opaque. While the paint was still wet I dumped (yes, dumped!) #291 Fire Engine Ultrafine Opaque glitter from Art Glitter over the wet paint and pressed it into place with a finger. Carefully I peeled the stencil away to reveal a beautiful design.

It needed something more, so I pulled out some scrapbook supplies: metal words, rubber stamps, ink, and gold paper. I added these elements but the canvas asked for more! I found a Friendly Plastic butterfly floating around my studio (I created it for an AMACO challenge and then was excited to have it chosen for an advertisement). It added the perfect final detail to the canvas.

I hope you can see how easy it is to use these materials and create fabulous home decor pieces and/or gifts with just a little bit of effort. If I can paint anyone can! Give it a try and remember....there is no wrong way to create. Have fun ;-)


  1. Great painting technique Linda, looks professional to me! Linda also posted this entry on her blog on Earth Safe Finishes here: check it out and take a look at her altered photo album cover below this post, more good painting!

  2. thank you VERY much! I am so pleased that my basic painting has you fooled into thinking that I know what I am doing....hehehe

  3. Great canvas and technique! Congrats on having your project selected as an AMOCO ad!!