Thursday, November 12, 2009

Autumn Cards by Jan Hennings and Glue Stamping Discussion

Autumn Card
Stamp the image of the flowers onto cardstock using a designer glue/water mixture. Sprinkle with Copper Canyon Ultrafine Opaque Glitter and let dry. Tap off the excess glitter.
I used a 3-D embellishment by K & Co. and added some glitter to it.
SUPPLIES: Cardstock (Papertrey Ink and Worldwin), Ribbon (Papertrey Ink), Sticky Strips (Art Glitter), Copper Canyon Ultrafine Opaque Glitter (Art Glitter), Designer Dries Clear Adhesive (Art Glitter), Rubber stamp (Penny Black), Grand Adhesions (K & Co)Lace and Glitter CardThank you Jan. When I saw how great this project turned out with Jan’s glue/stamping technique I was so excited. Here at Art Glitter we have tried this several times without any success so I called Jan right away to get the scoop. What we finally decided is that Jan had extraordinary results in this instance, however, she did noticed that the glitter was starting to come off.

I couldn’t decide whether to post this but then I came to the realization that we need to have a discussion about it because the question comes up all the time.

Here is what we’ve tried with a variety of stamps (some fine detailed, some thick):
• Making a mixture of Designer Dries Clear, (DDC), about a 2.5” dollop, and barely one drop of water then stamping in it. Next ‘blot’ the stamp onto scrap paper first before touching quickly onto cardstock. Then get the glitter on immediately.
• Painting the same mixture onto the stamp, may still need to ‘blot’ before stamping onto cardstock.
• Painting the glue on straight from the bottle. This actually worked best for me. Paint from the inside of the image to the outside, trying not to get into the recessed areas.

• It is difficult to avoid stamp ‘slippage’ (I’m making up words today! I can do that on Friday the 13th!!!), making a smeared image.
• After blotting, the whole image doesn’t always stamp.
• Thickness of glue varies, making image light and dark in areas.
• After drying (even overnight) you can wipe away a lot of the glitter.
• Your stamp needs to be SCRUBBED immediately.

So as you can see you do not get consistant or even lasting results. It just doesn’t work. I would not recommend it. You’ll just get frustrated.

So now I know what you are thinking, what about the adhesive stamp pads? We have tried several, ones that require heat and ones that don’t. About the best one out there is The Essential Glue Pad by Tsukineko. No heat required. But we find that the glitter easily wipes away, even after sitting over night. We have had fellow crafters tell us that they don’t experience that kind of glitter loss. But in my experiences, when I rub my finger over my examples, a fair amount rubs away. If you don’t think it will get rubbed up against, then don’t worry about it! We do use it for metal leaf all the time, it is PERFECT for stamping a design and embellishing with metal leaf. It is a good product to have on hand.

Okay, okay I know the next question! What about a spray fixative on top? We have used an inexpensive acrylic clear coating or a matte finish from time to time. I can’t even remember when or why now, it’s been so long. But you need to spray from at least 9”-10” away and use only a light coating otherwise it will dull the glitter. Some say any amount will dull the glitter. And quite frankly, a light coat will still not give you the protection you need. It will still smear off some.

SO for great lasting results, stamp in ink or emboss your image then highlight with DDC and Art Glitter! If it’s worth glitter, it’s worth doing it right! And if you use DDC, apply the glitter while the glue is wet, white and shiny you will NEVER (yes, I said the ‘N’ word) have to use a spray on top. The glitter is there for good! And that’s my 2 cents -glitteremm

Here’s another wonderful card from Jan.
After seeing a lace card on Art Glitter website I knew I wanted to give this technique a try! The coverage with the fabric glue is amazing! I chose to add a few dollar store flowers to the card and a thin strip of a stamped flower to place the flowers on. I used a border punch at the top and bottom of the strip.
Cardstock (Worldwin)
Lace (Wright's)
Ultra Fine Opaque Glitter: Copper Canyon
Flowers (Dollar Store)
Raffia (Wraphia)
Designer Dries Clear Adhesive
Fabric Dries Clear Adhesive

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