Monday, June 7, 2010

Glitter Resin Pendants by Lori Mendenhall

I love glitter in jewelry! But, it has to look classy and have some artistic flair in order to make it into my jewelry line. Art Glitter’s gorgeous products really enhance my resin pendants. I am in love with the amazing colors and the super sparkle!

Besides jewelry, I also make mosaics. In this pendant I combined a special mosaic technique using tempered glass, Italian millefiori and three types of glitter: Blue Hawaii (#233), Stratosphere Hologram (#254), and Swan Lake Glass Shards (#922). The chunky holographic glitter is one of my favorites for this type of project because the larger-sized flakes catch the light and give that extra special touch to the piece.

This pendant was created in four stages. (Yes, four!) It’s so hard to be patient, but this type of resin project must be done in layers.

Step 1: I poured a clear “lens” of resin in order to create a slightly domed appearance. This must cure for at least 8 hours.

Step 2. I placed the smashed tempered glass and millefiori into the mold. A very thin layer of resin was applied in order to lock the glass in place and to ensure no glitter would get underneath where it didn’t belong. This layer cured for a few hours. I really should have let it cure until the next day but I was having too much fun and couldn’t wait.

Step 3. I sprinkled on the glass shards, holographic and ultrafine glitter liberally. I wanted the whole surface to be covered in intense color. Another layer of clear resin is poured on and allowed to cure at least another 8 hours to make sure the next layer would stay completely separate.

Step 4. The final step is to mix up some opaque black resin. I poured a thin layer of black onto the back of the piece to “close it up”.

A happy surprise… I was not planning to do this sun pendant this way at all. But, foolishly, when I was applying red glitter (True Red #1) to the piece next to this one in the mold, I blew the glitter to try and spread it out a bit. Of course, the glitter errantly blew into the cavity with the sun. Nothing could be done to remove the glitter. As often happens, mistakes in crafting can often lead to an even better result than you would have had without the mistake. So, I added some orange and yellow mica powders to give a sunset effect. I love it!

This last piece uses Glass Shards (Amber #908) as a background.


  1. Pretty! I love all of the colors and the 3D effects. I love the sun. Like I tell the kids I help at school, "There are no mistakes in art, just go with it and see what you can make with it."

  2. Lovely! Thanks for the step by step!

  3. I am a big fan of your work, Lori, and love these "glitter and glass" interesting to read your techniques for each step!
    Sheri Vogan

  4. So "Sparkle"-ing and Such Lovely work!

  5. Amazing! Just love the color and the glitter!
    Keep on Glitering! Julianne

  6. I LOVE the heart pendant! Great work. I'm a new fan! :)

  7. thanks so much, ladies! these were so fun to create. I have two shelves full of glitter - and I want more!

  8. Gorgeous pendants! Your sun pendant looks great with the glitter. I love the result of your "happy accident" when your glitter reached into your sun pendant. I've experienced my own "happy accidents" while working on projects.