Monday, June 28, 2010

Custom Party Hat by Cassandra Midkiff

A custom party hat is a perfect way to make someone feel special on their birthday (or on any occasion).

Materials used:
Art Glitter in: #100 Sea Shell, #144 Miss Muffet, #95 Summer Sea and Kooky Kolors
Designer Dries Clear Adhesive with Ultrafine Metal Tip attached
Scrapbook paper
Crepe paper
Pom pom trim
Seam binding
Chipboard letter
Craft flowers
Brown Ink pad

First I bought an inexpensive party hat pack from the dollar store and took one of them apart to use as my template. I traced the shape with a pencil onto my piece of scrapbook paper, cutting it out and placing a small amount of the Dries Clear adhesive to the seam to glue it back together. To create the ruffle with the crepe paper I placed a strip of glue around the bottom edge and then gathered the crepe paper as I went around the perimeter of the hat. When it was dry I then folded down the top part of the crepe paper creating the double ruffle. Then I went along the top part of the ruffle with the glue and sprinkled on some Art Glitter in Sea Shell. On the top of the hat I cut a hole and gathered some more of the crepe paper to make a flower shape then glued it into place, I also went along the edges of the crepe flower with glue and used a light blue Kooky Kolors Art Glitter to add sparkle. I finished this part off with some pom pom blue trim.

Next I cut a square from a coordinating scrapbook paper then aged the edges with my brown ink pad. I attached the square to the hat with more dries clear adhesive, seam binding and then attached the flower. I took a chipboard letter and covered it with the Dries Clear adhesive and sprinkled on my Art Glitter in Summer Sea, I also attached this to the square acting as my focal point.

Finally I used a pen to draw fun circles all over the hat placing the glue in the center of each circle and glittering it with Art Glitter in Miss Muffet. I attached some white seam binding with glue to the inside of the hat to act as my tie. Now you have a beautiful and custom party hat which takes very little time to make and makes your party goers feel extra special. Have fun with it!


  1. what a cute project. great idea.

  2. This is just so adorable. I can see altering this for many occasions, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day. How about adding some long trails of tulle to the point and little girls (big girls too) can be pretend Medieval ladies! Use the glitter to add beautiful jewels to the hats.

    Elaine Allen