Monday, August 23, 2010

Glittered Mermaids by Cassandra Midkiff

One of my favorite pieces to create are mermaids. I have always been drawn to them and Art Glitter adds that extra magical quality to my mermaid pieces.

I love to use the glitter in unique places, especially for my climbing sparkling seaweed, which can be seen in every mermaid piece I create. For my seaweed I draw with an ink pen my seaweed pattern and then using the fine tip on the dries clear adhesive I fill in the seaweed leaves, next I choose colors such as; #207 Spring Creek, #215 Wild Rose, #232 Michigan Moss and #219 Lilypad to fill them in.

The glittering face of the moon is another area you will find Art Glitter, #100 Sea Shell and #741 Shell White are two of my favorites for this use.

My mermaids are always a little modest so I sprinkle a little of the Art Glitter on their chest and tummy's a set I love for this area is the Shabby Chic Pee Wee Kit.

I have been delighted to share some of my tricks and tips and project ideas. Art Glitter is such a wonderful product and has so many uses. Thank you for having me as a guest designer, remember to visit me at

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