Thursday, August 19, 2010

Nature Scene Pendants featuring “Elements” by Lori Mendenhall

I create many outdoor scene pendants, so you can imagine my delight when I discovered the Elements line. Think of Elements as “nature glitter” - not sparkly, but with just a hint of glimmer. Want to create a nature scene? Elements is a clean and easy way to do it! They look really natural because they are – and they even smell good too.

The bases of these pendants are 40mm mussel shells. The scene is glued down and then after the glue is completely dry it’s encased in resin.

To lay down the “grass” I spread some Designer Dries Clear Adhesive and sprinkled on #13 Sod. Then I laid down a beautiful dried flower. Remember, anything that will be embedded in resin must be completely dry. I added a hummingbird that had come to sip some nectar. To give a special final touch, I glued down some single Dazzlers D34 Northern Lights.

This pretty flower field is actually a layer of #21 Alpine. I added some colorful flower dots using paint, and added a couple of charms to create a peaceful scene.

For this next piece I tried something really different. I mixed # 21 Alpine with gel medium from Liquitex. The color in the Elements material tinted the gel medium and a very chunky earthy substance was born. I envisioned soft earth that a unicorn would gallop through on his way to a castle. Damsel in distress not included.

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