Monday, August 2, 2010

Glittery Polymer Clay Pendants by Lori Mendenhall

Polymer clay has been a staple in my jewelry for the past four years. I never tire of working with it because of the versatility and beauty of what can be created. Polymer clay is soft and easy to work with until it’s baked. Once baked, it is very hard and durable.

Glitter is perfect for spicing up polymer clay pieces! You can mix it into a translucent clay for a subtle effect, or apply it on top before baking for a more dramatic effect. Once the clay is baked, the glitter must be sealed in order to protect it from coming off over time. It can either be sealed with an acrylic finish such as Pledge with Future or Varathane. It can also be covered with 3-D glazes such as Diamond Glaze (Judikins), Glossy Accents (Ranger), or Triple Thick (Art Deco). I prefer resin but this might not be everyone’s cup of tea. That’s fine, the other sealers are totally sufficient to protect your gorgeous glitter.

It’s quite simple to make these pendants.

1. Condition and roll out the clay to the desired thickness.
2. Texture the clay with any implement you want.
3. Cut out the shape with a cookie cutter.
4. Add any decorative touches and insert a wire loop for hanging.
5. Apply glitter!
6. Bake at 275 (check the package, as some clay cures at different temperature.)
7. Seal the piece to protect the surface.

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