Monday, August 16, 2010

Marie Antoinette Art Doll by Cassandra Midkiff

Art Glitter is very versatile, I love using it in all of my projects including my art dolls. Everything can use a little sparkle.

Materials used:
-Art Glitter: #202 Pansy and #211 Glacier
-Fabric Dries Clear Adhesive
-Muslin and poly stuffing
-Chenille white fabric & fabric scraps
-Forget me nots/fabric flowers
-pearl beads
-rhinestone jewelry
-pom pom trim & seam binding

After sewing together my dolls body with muslin and poly stuffing I painted her arms, legs and face with an acrylic paint and let dry. During that time I used a chenille white fabric to create her hair also stuffed with the poly and attached it to her head. For her dress I used some fabric pieces I had from previous projects I pleated parts and added the fabric flowers, forget me nots and trim. To add sparkle I used my Fabric Dries Clear Adhesive and covered her feet sprinkling on #202 Pansy Art Glitter, after drying I added on small pieces of pom pom trim.

The finishing touches are her rhinestone necklace made from a piece of a vintage choker, her hand painted face with acrylics and her sparkling piece of cake. For the cake I sewed together more of my fabric scraps and added a forget me not flower with a pearl in the center. I liberally added some Fabric Dries Clear Adhesive to the edges of the cake to make some sparkling poofy frosting with #211 Glacier Art Glitter. I sewed the piece of cake to one of her hands. Now she is ready to quip "let them eat cake."


  1. What a lovely doll! And very nice use of glitter embellishments. :)

  2. Ohh, what a lovely doll. Very unique :)