Friday, October 15, 2010

Glittered Spiders, Scorpians & Glow in the Dark Web T-Shirt

A DAZZLING SCORPION: This wonderful creature (just a plastic toy) was glittered with Dazzlers #15 Sea Nymph and Ultrafine Opaque #65 Old Gold for his eyes and stinger! Debrey Taylor made him a few weeks ago and he inspired her to create a college piece around him. The whole office wants him on their desk!

He also has Vintage Glass Glitter and various types of beads surrounding him. The matte is covered with black lace treated with more Sea Nymph Dazzlers on the flowers and Vintage Glass Glitter Shards #908 Amber for the flower centers. Spectacular!

This web pattern was hand drawn on with a white fabric paint and then covered with Ultrafine Pearlescent #143 Glow in the Dark Glitter while it was still wet.

This little guy is one of those ring spiders you see everywhere this time of year! Just dip him in rubbing alcohol, (we clean off all plastic items we glitter this way) let dry and hold by the ring part while applying Designer Dries Clear Adhesive to one side and spoon on glitter of your choice, glitter other side and set to dry in your glitter tray or on wax paper. Once dry cut the ring part off and sew onto shirt. I'm going to make a bunch of these and wear them on my fingers and toes for Halloween!

This is the same idea using Fabric Dries Clear Adhesive and Ultrafine Opaque Hologram #131 Black Hole Glitter. Our fabric expert/designer Kay Holbrook made these, really fun to wear!

These spiders were made pretty much the same, only glued to a pin. Aren't they great? Enjoy and Sparkle On!

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