Saturday, January 21, 2012

Art Journaling that Shines - Part 2 By Laura Fraedrich

Hello again! Welcome to the second part of Journal Pages that Shine. This time we're going to use some of my favorite products in the whole world...Fantasy Film and Fantasy Fiber from  Art Glitter. These products are so versatile that you can use them on all your mixed media projects. All you need is an iron and some parchment paper and you're ready to go! I always thought it was more complicated than that, but was pleasantly surprised the first time I used them. It's so quick and easy!

Again I started my pages by using watercolors, markers to doodle with, spray inks, collage elements, and craft punches to make little windows. For the left side, I used Fantasy Fibers for hair. I mixed together a pinch of purple and yellow, spread them out into my desired shape, then sandwiched them between two sheets of parchment paper and ironed briefly. It doesn't take much heat or pressure to get the fibers to fuse together. I recycled a white circular shape that I cut out of one of the pages below for the face. I used collage medium (Collage Pauge) and a foam brush to adhere the hair and the face to my page.

To make the small squares down the left side of the page, I used a craft punch. Then I cut 1/2" strips of different colors of Fantasy film. I arranged and overlapped them randomly on one sheet of parchment, then covered them with another and ironed briefly. It came out having a nice striped effect. I cut the fused film into squares slightly larger than the punched out squares and glued them onto the back of the page. I covered them with a strip of white paper so they can't be seen from the page behind.

For the left page, I used the same technique for the earth as I did for the face above. For the sun on the right page, I fused together 2 layers of Fantasy Film and added a pinch of pink Fantasy Fiber on the top. I glued it onto the back of the page but left it translucent instead of gluing white paper over it like I did for the above squares. I wanted to let the design from the page behind it in my journal peek through.

This is what was on the page behind the sun.

The colors of the paint were so similar to the colors of fibers I used that they just gave it a subtle luster.

You can see the design behind the film better here.

Next on my list is to incorporate these products into a small art quilt!

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