Saturday, January 7, 2012

Glittery Necklace Holder by Cassandra Midkiff

I’ve been looking for a way to display some of my favorite vintage necklaces. I wanted it to be arsty and preferably romantic but have never found anything that suited me so I decided to make my own necklace display.

I started with a Manzanita branch that I picked up in my backyard, any interesting and sturdy branch will do.  I found one that would fit my 7" by 2 3/4" craft board. Using a paint brush and some diluted Designer Dries Clear adhesive I painted the branch and sprinkled my Ultrafine Transparent glitter in Bronze (#290) on top, after shaking off the excess glitter I sat it aside to dry.

Moving onto my board I found a simple scrapbook paper to act as my background and glued it onto my board and finished the edges with my brown ink pad.  I attached some picture frame hangers onto the back, I suggest doing two separate hangers on each corner since the necklaces are heavy. Setting my branch on top I marked off two areas with a pencil where I’d secure the branch with some wire. I drilled holes into the marked spots.  Before attaching my branch I smeared some adhesive to the top of my board sprinkled some Movie Star Shapes (Dazzlers #45) on top and then sprinkled it with Ultrafine Transparent glitter in Urchin (#169).

While the board was drying I decided to work on a vintage hummingbird I’ve had for awhile. The bottom feathers of the hummingbird had turned yellow with time and some feathers had been worn in spots so I saw the opportunity to add a little more sparkle to the piece. I used my diluted adhesive and paint brush again painting onto the bird in the discolored spots and on his plastic beak and sprinkled him with Urchin glitter.

Going back to the branch I placed it on top of my board and secured the branch in place through the holes with wire.  I then attached the bird to the back with wire onto one of my picture hangers.  Next I took some vintage Millinery flowers that I’ve been collecting and attached them with adhesive. Once everything was dry I added my vintage bling and now I have beautiful piece to show off my collection.


  1. OMG! This is beautiful!

  2. I am thrilled to see tutorials from Cassandra Midkiff. She is so talented! All of your featured crafters create glittery fabulousness. Keep up the great work!