Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Fantasy Fiber Foto Frames by Emily M. Miller

Fantasy Fiber Foto Frames...say that five times fast! I love how diverse Fantasy Fiber is and that’s why I like to use it to frame photos with. You can use just a little or a lot. Form it into a shape or just simply use it as a backdrop.

I almost always use it sparingly. You can see on this first example I simply laid a few wisps of fiber in a square shape slightly larger than my photo, overlapping 3 colors a bit. Then I put my bakers parchment paper on top and ironed for just a second or two (with my iron set to cotton/med.-high). Glue it on back with Designer Dries Clear…done!

My altered kitty photo is part of a book exchange project I'm involved in where some of the backside is visible. I really like how the fiber shows my recycled cardboard box background. I'll be making 28 of these and the fiber is by far the easiest step!

For this second set of examples I started with a thin base again like above, put my photo on top before fusing. Then I placed a few strands around my subjects, making sure the ends overlap with the ends underneath and even allowing some wisps to cover their faces. Cover with parchment paper and lightly hit with the iron just where the fiber sits on top of your photo, fusing it on the edges to the fiber layer below.

This works perfect with home printed photos, the heat won’t bother them at all. I apologize for not trying it on commercial processed photos, but I would think that they would be fine too. I will try it and give you an update later in the comments. If you want to try it, just be sure to keep the top fiber layer thin and it won’t take much heat to fuse them. With a very short dwell time the parchment paper should protect your photo.

You will need to flip the photo over and iron it again to fuse the back layer. This technique makes a nifty sandwich effect. Now you can trim away the fibers that cover your subject with scissors or simply pull them off with your fingers.

This last example uses the fiber in a shape. Place some Fantasy Fiber in the shape of a heart on top of your photo (use a variety of colors), place your hand on top of the heart and slide your photo out from underneath. Place parchment paper on top and press iron over heart for 3 seconds or so. Cut away random strands in middle for a sharp edge, or leave them shaggy for a fluffy effect. Glue onto photo with Designer Dries Clear adhesive.

Now what you do with it is up to you! Add to a scrapbook page, fit inside a Fantasy Film envelope or mount on fabric. It’ll all look fantastic! (P.S...I'll show you the Fantasy Film envelope later!)


  1. I've not seen fantasy fiber. Looks like fun to use. I need to look for it.

  2. Oh My! That cat photo is amazing! I think I'm going to have to order some Fantasy Fiber and try that.