Saturday, April 6, 2013

Heart of Fire - Faux Opal Pendant

Most of my glitter collection is made up of Art Glitter Ultra Fine glitters.  I love all the colors and the brilliant sparkle!  But I am absolutely mesmerized by the dazzlers and chunkier styles.  My project today encases Dazzler Glitter and Faux Snow in a resin to create a faux opal effect.

For this project I used:  Art Glitter Dazzlers - #62 Treasure (my fave!!), Art Glitter Faux Snow, Deep bezel pendant (from Metal Gallery), Lisa Pavelka Magic-Glos UV Resin.  UV Light (optional, but very helpful!),  Toothpicks.

Begin by adding UV resin to the interior of the bezel.

Spoon a little Treasure Dazzlers into the bezel.

Use a toothpick to mix the glitter and resin, adding more resin as necessary.  Spread the mixture evenly over the base of the bezel.  Be sure to wipe any excess off the rim of the bezel.  Set under a UV light or direct sunlight - 5 - 10 minutes.  Resin is set when you cannot dent it with your fingernail.

Add more resin to the bezel and spoon in a little Faux Snow.

Again use a toothpick to mix the resin and snow and spread a layer over the gold layer.  Make this layer a little uneven in spots so the the gold shows through here and there.  

The glitter & resin mixture will be lumpy at this point.  Press it down a little so you don't have any pieces that stick out of the resin.  Wipe the bezel edges clean, and set under UV Lamp or direct sunlight.

To finish, add a generous layer of resin.  Use a toothpick to draw the resin out to the edges of the bezel.  It is self-leveling, so it will form a nice rounded, glass-like surface.  Use a pin or toothpick to remove any air bubbles that form before setting this layer under UV lamp or direct sunlight.

Once the resin is set.  Simply add a jump ring (or two) and put the pendant on your favorite chain.  

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  1. I've avoided the resin/uv light jewelry making thing for years, but now I'm convinced - i must have it because this is amazing!