Friday, May 3, 2013

Glittered Altered Album

Supply List:
Plain Scrapbook
Step 1:  I started this project with the blank canvas of a plain scrapbook.  I then used a pencil to lightly spell out the name and design. The color of the album is off slightly due to the lighting.
Step 2:  Using Designer Dries Clear Adhesive & the Ultrafine Metal Tip I began to fill in the letter on the name. 
Step 3:  I chose #254 Stratosphere Opaque Chunky Hologram for the letters and the flourish designs. The reason I chose this color is because the holographic Glitters are extremely sparkling and eye catching.
Step 4:  Using the Ultrafine Tip allows you to create beautiful fine details, so I continue to use it for the rest of the design.
Step 5:  Cover the adhesive with the glitter and let dry.  Tap off all the excess glitter.  Use a soft brush or Swiffer Dry to remove any extra glitter after the project is completely dried.
This makes a great gift for weddings, birthdays, graduations and any other special event!
Lynette Daniel, Owner of Scrap That Moment. Lynette is an accomplished graphic designer and photographer. Lynette’s artwork has been featured in 8 different trade magazines, 7 state publications, 4 published books, 5 local city and county newspapers, and 2 international magazines in Great Britain and Australia. Lynette is known for her scrapbooking projects but brings an exciting artistic style to Art Glitter. On the home front, Lynette is a busy mom with 2 beautiful active teenagers.  When she is not working she is volunteering, teaching classes and giving back to the community. She has been on the Board of Directors for Pop Warner Football & Upward Sports and has coached soccer and cheerleading/drill team for many years. Lynette donates time and money to raise awareness for youth programs in her area. Her goal is to offer children the opportunity to acquire better skills, self-confidence, and even scholarships in whatever they love to do. Lynette enjoys music, traveling and always has a camera around her neck. Follow Lynette on her store website gallery, professional and personal blogs all at and on Facebook.
Lynette Daniel

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