Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Double Glitter Double The Fun

Hello to all of you who like things that glitter and sparkle. Art Glitter is the perfect medium for all your sparkle needs!

 I love card making and so I thought my first post should be a card or two, so today I am posting two of the four cards I made using The Greeting Farm limited addition stamps of the girls from wonderland. I knew they would be fabulous with glitter. The backgrounds were created using Dreamweaver Stencils and the coloring was done with Copic Markers.

I used the following products from Art Glitter:

To start I wanted to use my Art Glitter as a background for my girls. I used the small sticky paper for the big dots and teacups using the Double Glitter Technique.  This is much like the Glitter Lace Technique.
Because I was using stencils for the background I rubbed each of the backs of the stencils with a pure vegetable soap, this is done to make it easier to release the stencil from the paper.
Remove the release paper from your sticky paper and lay the stencil soap side down on the sticky paper, I then run a brayer over the top to make sure there are no areas that the glitter can get under the stencil.
Now comes the fun part ART GLITTER. Using the small spoon from Art Glitter I placed the color into the area I want it and then burnish it with my finger, remove the excess of that color and then move onto the next color.
When doing the tea cups, I taped over the stencil so that I wouldn't get a glitter color in a place I didn't want.  For instance the borders on the orange and gold cup and the stripes on the blue cup.
Once your done putting in the base color you can then remove the tape and put in your accent color.  When I was done with all the cups I used a small piece of Swiffer (dry) to remove the excess glitter from the stencil.
I lay the stencil down on my paper and gently pull the paper from the stencil this keeps the stencil from bending.
Now the final step is to pour Winter White over the entire background and burnish it into the sticky paper. This technique is called double glitter. I did the big dots in exactly the same way using silver for the dots and Purple Passion for the background.
I colored my girls with Copic markers and the using Designer Dries Clear Adhesive with a Ultrafine Metal Tip I added crystal glitter to the flowers on Hatter Beans hat and Purple Passion to Cheshire Beans ears, shoes and hair bows.
I love how the glitter makes them pop! Stay tuned for my next post where I will be using Queen Bean and Alice Bean to complete my set of Wonderland Girls Cards. See you soon and don't forget to add a little Art Glitter to every day. 

Georgia Sommers lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her very supportive husband Michael and has two grown daughters, Ashley and Rachel. Georgia has loved crafting since she was a young girl. Her mother was always coming up with some project for her sisters and her to do. Georgia did major in art but did not want to do the starving artist thing, so she became a dental assistant instead. She started teaching Tole and Decorative art which she taught for about 10 years.  When her youngest daughter was two she was introduced to Stampin UP and here card making career began. Georgia’s favorite materials to work with are; Dreamweaver Stencils, Copic Markers and of course Art Glitter.  She loves glitter, sometimes she feels kind of like the dogs in the movie UP except instead of squirrels,  she is drawn to sparkles. Georgia is lucky to be able to teach in some great stores in California and always seem to carry with her some glitter & bling! www.sommrstamping.blogspot.com

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  1. Both cards are beautiful!! The teacup one with the various colors of glitter is especially pretty! Know it took some time color it with the glitter!