Friday, May 17, 2013

Glittered Butterfly Light Plate

Hi Everyone today I am showing you how to make a Glittered Butterfly Light Plate
using products from Art Glitter.
Step 1: Use Designer Dries Clear and glue entire light plate
Step 2: Sprinkle entire light plate with # 216 Gazelle
Step 3: Cut out both small and large butterflies and outline in # 131 Black Hole
Step 4: Glitter butterflies using D 10 Gypsy, # 910 Gypsy,# 525 Brocade,#12 Lush pink,# 23 Periwinkle and #206 Wildwood

Step 5: Let dry out over night then attach

Thank you so much for looking at my Glittered Butterfly Light Plate. My daughter just loves the way it looks in her bedroom.

Tabitha Jones


  1. I love butterfly's!This is great because you can make it match any room! Beautiful!