Thursday, September 12, 2013

Oak Leaf In Glitter

Art Glitter and Dreamweaver Collaboration

Wow this is the best collaboration ever, Dreamweaver stencils are so much fun to use with 
Art Glitter. While I know a lot of the team members will be doing the double glitter technique which I love I decided to use a different technique: 

Materials Used
509-Wood Nymph Microfine Opaque
519-Reed Microfine Opaque
524-Tree bark Microfine Opaque
716-Simba Microfine Transparent
Spoon Man

LG754 - Acorn and Oak Leaves Stencil
Dreamweaver Gold Metallic Paste
Palette Knife
LM2010 - Paste Spreader

I started my card by taping down my stencil on all 4 sides with removable tape. I then placed Gold Metallic Paste on my Paste spreader using the back side of the palette knife, then paste the image by bring the paste over the stencil at a 45 degree angle from the top to the bottom in a smooth stroke. Remove the tape from the stencil in the reverse order that you put it on leaving the last piece of tape in place as a hinge, then gently lift and remove the stencil. While the paste is still wet, waterfall the glitter over the paste and let dry.
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  1. Beautiful card Georgia! Great minds think alike, I used this stencil too!