Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day Glittered Tags at Art Glitter!

What a fun day it has been at Art Glitter! Well, every day is a fun day at Art Glitter, but anytime you combine glitter and kids, it's A LOT of fun! We opened up our doors to the community and invited them to come in and make glitter lace tags for Mother's Day. I only wish I could see the lucky Mom's faces! I'm content to remember the happy faces you see below.

You can see this group concentrating while they make the perfect tag for Mom. We had special stations set up for the kids with coordinating colors picked out in advance, but kids will be kids and they immediately started asking for this color or that and came up with their own creative color combinations that were quite stunning.

Here's our very own Miss Nancy teaching the finer points of applying glitter to this budding young artist.

This young gentleman learned a new word today, "template". He used the lace as a template for his glitter design. I actually saw a twinkle flash in his eye as we pulled the lace off the sticky paper and he "got it". We also talked about the words "opaque" and "transparent". They sure are smart and so willing to try something new. The boys even enjoyed the glitter!

If you could see their faces you'd see their smiles better! Kids are great, Moms are great! Have a very happy Mother's Day!


  1. This is amazing! What a GREAT idea. I love the kiddos and how they learn! Good job!