Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Overstock Glitter Sale and Elements Review


Yes, we made way too many 1/2 ounce jars of these colors above and they seem to be multiplying! That means wonderful savings for you!!!

The sale lasts as long as the overstock quantities last, so get your glitter now!

Half Ounce Jars are Regularly $5.90
NOW ONLY $2.50 each on selected colors

Go to our sale page to see exactly what colors I'm talking about HERE...
It's glitter, you can't go wrong!

While you're hopping around the internet, check out an honest, refreshing review of our Elements line from Marti Wills of Craft Critique. http://www.craftcritique.com/2011/05/elements-earth-textures-by-art.html

Marti brings up some very good points. Elements are made from organic components, therefore they are not acid free and will fade with time if left untreated. I would not recommend using them on a photo, however if treated with an Acrylic Spray or Spray Lacquer, they can be used near a photo. If you are very strict with the whole acid free idea, you probably won't want them on a scrapbook page at all. You will need to decide upon your level of comfort there.

When using Elements on all projects be sure to seal them after they completely dry with either an Acrylic Spray, which usually is a little on the glossy side, Spray Lacquer, which is very glossy, or Matte Spray, which is a little on the dull side, and is what I used on this piece. I think it is perfect for Elements.

The Elements has chunky pieces as well as smaller particles in it. And as I'm sure you know, with glue, the first one there is the winner. The smaller particles tend to shake down to the bottom of the jar. If you dig deep into the jar with a spoon, you will inevitably end up with the small particles winning. However, if you skim along the top, spoon on the chunky pieces first, then dip in deeper and spoon on the smaller particles while the glue is still wet, white and shiny, you will get a nice coverage of large and small pieces. I use this technique with our Gala Glitz too.

You'll have to click on this close up. The Elements work great on this fabric background. These are real cicada wings too, I strengthen them by dipping them into our Designer Dries Clear adhesive (watered down just a bit) a couple of times. Really dries clear doesn't it!!! And you'll notice just a touch of glitter on the frame. I use glitter on my "recycled" frames quite a bit.

If you ever have any questions about our products and how to use them please call (928-639-0805) or email us. We love the challenges you bring us every day! Enjoy - GlitterEmm

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  1. This is so beautiful! I'm going to have to scraplift it ...