Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Calling All Cell Phones - For a Make Over

I always see those super cute sparkly cases for ipod, cell phones, e-readers, you name it, and I always want one, but I can never find it in the color I want, or the sparkle I want.

So I took matters into my own hands.

I recently got a new ipod (hand me down), and it came with a simple black rubber case on it.

I have been saving my Art Glitter Dazzlers Dance Floor for a special occasion. This was the perfect occasion.

Here is what the case started out looking like.

Here is the list of products used.

- Art Glitter D2 Dance Floor Funky Dazzlers
- Art Glitter Designer Dries Clear
- Ranger Inkssentials Glossy Accents
- paintbrush
- ipod case

I know that glitter and electronics may not be the best to mix together, so please be careful when doing any glitter and glue near electronics.

I first started by applying the Designer Dries Clear Adhesive to the back of my case. I started with an outline, and then ended up filling in the entire space I wanted to cover. I did use a thick coat, only because the funky dazzlers have some larger chunks of fun pieces like moons, slices, and circles, along with some fine glitter.


I then poured on the glitter. You can either shake off the excess or leave it until the case is dry.  If the glue is too thick it will run.

Once it was completely dry I took a dry paintbrush and brushed off excess glitter on the case that was not adhered to the Designer Dries Clear Adhesive.

I then took my Glossy Accents and covered the glitter and the rest of the case.

I let it dry overnight.

I flipped it over, and made a thin layer of adhesive around the front edge of the case. Sprinkle on glitter, let it dry, and added Glossy Accents again. (I used Glossy Accents to seal the glitter in with a super high gloss look)

When it was all dry, I popped in my ipod and have my own personal case!

You can use any color of glitter you want to use, and make it your own. The best thing about the color I chose is that it is SUPER holographic looking! Tons of colors bounce off of it from the light, and the shapes add a fun flair to it. You could also use some of the ultrafine opaque hologram colors, or microfine opaque. Even using and ultrafine opaque, or transparent colors would work too! The combinations are endless!

I hope you enjoyed this fun project that you could use to personalize almost anything you own.

Be sure to stop by my blog for more glittery fun!

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