Monday, October 1, 2012

Glittering Leaves!

Today, in honor of the leaves beginning to turn color and fall outside my window, I have created a simple, fun and colorful card.

Art Glitter Ultrafine Opaque 2 Christmas Red
Art Glitter Ultrafine Opaque 62 Copper Canyon
Art Glitter Ultrafine Opaque 48 Emerald
Art Glitter Ultrafine Hologram 338 King's Cup
Art Glitter Ultrafine Hologram 336 Alien
Art Glitter Ultrafine Hologram 128 Quark
Art Glitter Ultrafine Transparent 85 Crystal
Dreamweaver Stencils LL3004 Falling Leaves
Handmade Hawaiian Coconut Soap
Large Stencil Brush
Double Sided Mounting Paper
Glitter Cardstock
Black Cardstock

1)  Soap the back of the stencil.  You will be making the entire back of the stencil cloudy--this is the release agent so that you can remove the stencil.
2)  Brush off any excess soap crumblies that have collected around the edges of the stencil.
3)  Place the stencil, soap side down, on one side of the Double Sided Mounting Paper.
4)  Pinch very small amounts of the glitter in various colors and place around the sides of the wells. 
5)  Push the glitter into the wells.  The first color on any part of the adhesive paper is the color that will be in that area, so push your favorite colors into the wells first.
6)  Brush off the excess glitter.
7)  Place project, stencil side down, on a flat surface.  Carefully peel the adhesive paper off of the stencil.
8)  Cover the entire project in Crystal Glitter.  Brush off.
9)  Assemble card.

So, that was easy, huh?  You can do it with any metal stencil and any color of glitter that you would like.  It is a simple card for any time of year (even the Holidays).  So, have a little fun, and stay glittery!

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