Tuesday, October 16, 2012

October Fun with Globecraft and Art Glitter

It's October, so I am in a Halloween mood!  This time, I am working on a collaboration between Art Glitter and Globecraft Memories.  It is an involved project, so let's hop in!

Book (I used Regis and Kathie Lee Cookbook I found at a second hand store--who knew?)
Enough imitation leather to cover book, front and back
8" by 10" Muslin Fabric
Xyron Creatopia
Xyron Fabric Adhesive
Sizzix Tim Holtz Hardware Findings Die
One Sheet Heavy Kraft Cardstock
Die Cut Machine
Silhouette Machine
Silhouette Machine Clean Cut Fabric Interfacing
Globecraft Memories Ornament Globe
Globecraft Memories Large Flower Shaped Piccolo
Globecraft Memories Key Shaped Piccolo
Globecraft Memories Keyhole Shaped Piccolo
Globecraft Memories Enamel Powder Adhesive
Globecraft Memories Piccolo Powders in Vintage Silver
Globecraft Memories Piccolo Powders in Siam Silver
Globecraft Memories Cool-Set Enameling Gel in Metallic Copper
Art Glitter Dries Clear Fabric Adhesive with Fine Tip
Art Glitter Ultrafine Opaque 357 Wintergreen
Art Glitter Ultrafine Transparent 104 Spring Mint
Art Glitter Ultrafine Transparent 94 Key Lime
Art Glitter Microfine Opaque 512 Bahaman Blue
Art Glitter  Fantasy Film Dandelion
Art Glitter Fantasy Fiber Briarwood
Want2Scrap Clear Gems
Heat Gun
Big Bite
Craft Knife
Large Stencil Brush
2" 22 Gauge Wire
Tape Roller

1)  Cut Globecraft Ornament roughly in half to create cauldron.  I used just a little more than a half for this.  Also, be sure to cut the chipboard frame as well.
2)  Cover the plastic half with Cool-Set Enamel.  Use it directly from the bottle and swirl it a little as you apply to create the "hammered" look.  Set aside to dry.

3)  Cut fake leather fabric about 1" larger than the book both vertically and horizontally.  You will be cutting one piece for the whole thing, so be sure to open the book and measure it all the way around before you cut.
4)  Place the chipboard frame piece from direction one where you would like the cauldron.  Use the craft knife to cut around the inside of the frame.
5)  Iron the Clean Cut Fabric Interfacing on muslin.
6)  In Silhouette Studio Program, create the potions word and steam section and cut.  I used a premade steam portion and welded on the word with the font Argo.  This step can be skipped if you have another way to cut out the muslin--either by hand or another machine.
7)  Set the cut out muslin in position and iron on.
8)  Add some Want2Scrap gems for "bubbles" on the muslin steam and the cauldron edge.
9)  Use your Art Glitter Fabric Adhesive to add the Microfine Glitter to the word potion.  Set aside to dry.
10)  Use the Art Glitter Fabric Adhesive to create the "steam" colors.  I used the Wintergreen first to create the details, then Spring Mint for the highlights and finally Key Lime for the pop of color.  Wait a few moments for each color to dry and tap off in between colors.  Do not brush.  The colors here do not have to dry in between, because it looks better if they blend a little.
11)  Repeat step 10 on the edge of the cauldron. 

12)  Use your die cut machine and Sizzix die to cut four straps from the heavy cardstock.  Cut 2 more pieces of the scrap to wrap around the binding.
13)  Cut Globecraft Flower into quarters.  You will have one full and two half petals in each part.  They are the corner pieces.
14)  Using the Globecraft Embossing Fluid and your heat gun, emboss the straps. the eatra heavy cardstock and all the remaining Globecraft Memories Elements EXCEPT the key with Vintage Silver Embossing Powder.
15)  Emboss the key with Siam Silver Embossing Powder.  We switched the embossing powder because this one is more detailed, which suits the detailed key better.
16)  Make sure that all the glue is dry before you proceed.  Send the leather through the Xyron Creatopia with the fabric adhesive.
17)  Before removing from the background paper, carefully pry open the oval cut you made in step 4.  Insert the cauldron, placing the edging under the cut leather.
18)  Carefully remove leather from background and cover the book.  Use the extra fabric to wrap under the edges.
19)  Use the Art Glitter Fabric Adhesives to attach all of the embossed pieces except the key.
20)  Use Big Bite to create holes for brads. 
21)  Attach brads, leaving one just a little loose to attach the key.
22)  Cut, crinkle and glue the Fantasy Film to look like "fire" under the cauldron.
23)  Glue Fantasy Fiber into the cauldron to look like an "explosion".
24)  Use wire to attach the key from a brad.
I realize that this project is a little intense, but it can be modified in any way that you like.  It is your book, so enjoy its creation.  I loved making it so much, that I have created a second one, pictured here.

If you want to see how I did the second one, check out my blog at www.rememberinglifesmoments.blogspot.com.  See you later, glitter on!


  1. Love the ideas used to create this book!

  2. Why do I have a feeling that Halloween is your favorite season?!! You are SO creative!!