Saturday, October 20, 2012

Spooky Spider Ornament with KC

I HATE spiders!!  But as much as I hate them, I really can't stand the sound of squishing them.  I have been known to trap them under a glass or something until I can convince someone else in the house to kill them.  So for a creepy little Halloween decoration, I have encased this little guy - web and all!

For this project you will need:
From Art Glitter:  Ultra Fine Opaque Glitters - #79 - Black, #299 - Celery and #314 - Dew Berry, and,   of course, Designer Dries Clear Adhesive (DDCA)
From Globe Craft Memories:  2 Clear Globes/bubbles and  2 oval frames from DIY Portrait ornament Kit.
Other supplies:  ATC from Clear Scraps Acrylic, Spider Web Stamp.  Purple Stazon Ink, Black Ribbon, 4 Ribbon Sections from Want2Scrap - Fleur de Lis, Black ribbon for hanger. 2 Plastic spiders from dollar store Halloween decorations.  (if you can't find plain spiders, you can cut the ring part off 2 spider rings)
Use an old paintbrush to paint DDCA on the spiders

Sprinkle the spiders with Black Glitter while the glue is still wet.  Set aside to dry.

Stamp the spider web in the center of the acrylic ATC card using Stazon Ink.

While the ink is still wet, sprinkle with Dew Berry Glitter.  Let the ink dry completely before brushing excess glitter off.

Lay one of the Globe Craft frames on the acrylic so that the web is centered.  Use a Sharpie to trace outside the frame on the acrylic and then trim off the excess corners.

Brush one side of the frame with DDCA

Using a small spoon sprinkle Dew Berry glitter around the inside of the frame.  Tap off the excess.  Then cover the rest of the frame with Celery Glitter.  Repeat on the other frame.

Use DDCA to glue one spider to the center of the web.

Glue the frames to the Globes.  Glue one of the frames over the spider & web.

Once both halves have dried, glue them together - sandwiching black ribbon at the top to create a loop for hanging.  Trim the 4 sections of the Fleur de Lis ribbon.  Glue one at the top of the ornament and position one at the back so that the tops meet.

Glue two more at the bottom.

Glue the second spider at the top as if he is trying to free his buddy.  

I find spiders just a little less creepy when they are covered in glitter!  (the fact that they are plastic helps too)

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  1. This is incredible KC! I love it! It looks really cool - perfect for the Halloween holiday!