Saturday, November 10, 2012

Glittered Vintage Thanksgiving Sign with Art Glitter and Tombow

Today I'll be making a hanging Thanksgiving sign out of a vintage postcard that I found at an antique shop.
I scanned that postcard in, blew it up and printed it. I used a piece of chip board, for the base of the sign.
I used pinking shears to cut out the enlarged vintage postcard copy and the "give thanks" page (see below) and outlined the image using Art Glitter Vintage Glass Golden Glow #612 Glitter and Art Glitter Designer Dries Clear glue to put that glitter on.
I then got an 8 1/2" x 11" piece of white card stock and used one of my Tombow Dual Brush Pens #098 in Avocado green to write "Give Thanks" over and over and over again to use as a background for my sign...
Here's the sign as I added more colors of glitter. Art Glitter Vintage Glass Red Damask #608 Glitter, Ultrafine Opaque Cat Eyes yellow glitter #361, Ultrafine Transparent Clear Glitter #89 Martini, and Ultrafine Opaque Calvado Green #109.
While the glitter dried, I started to put together my antique crepe paper border. I decided to use my new Tombow Stamp Tape Runner to put this together...
I have to say... I was very pleasantly surprised! Normally when I put on a crepe paper edge ruffle like this on anything, I use hot glue or wet glue and I make a MESS. This tape was easy to put down in straight line...
And as I folded the crepe paper, I could turn the Stamp runner vertically and push down the handle to give me just a small square of the tape. It was awesome!
The great part about the tape is that it's not permanent until you press it down hard and leave it for a while. If I put down the crepe paper, but didn't like it, I had time to move it and it didn't tear the crepe paper.
So I was able to finish the frame in no time... it's the fastest crepe paper border I've ever done!
I then quickly added my orange crepe paper. Which is just white crepe paper painted with orange watercolor to give it a muddled-faded look.
I then put down my "Give Thanks" page, again using the Stamp Runner.
And then the Thanksgiving postcard...
I then put down some Tombow Mono Multi Liquid glue, which is acid free and has two sides with two different applicators. One with a flat nose, for putting it onto paper, and one with a fine tip for smaller projects. This glue is super sticky and stretches, too. I put my ribbon into a daub of glue on one side, then the other. (*Something to mention... this glue smells fantastic! It has an orange, Juicy Fruit gum smell to it that is light and citrus-y. A lot of different glues smell harsh... but this one was quite pleasant!)
Added some glittered flowers that I got at Michael's...
And a bow on top... and it's finished!

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  1. Carrie, what a beautiful little wall hanging! It has the look of embroidery.