Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Way Simple Glitter Christmas Tags by Emily M Miller

I am all about simplicity at Christmas time. When I received my package of Tombow Toys I immediately started playing with the stamp runner first and moved on to the Mono Multi Glue, because deep down inside, I am a glue junkie. I was already familiar with the Dual Brush Pens and a plan began to form in my head…

Back to simplicity, I wanted to make some cheep easy tags for Christmas. Tombow and Art Glitter to the rescue! Here they are, a little on the Dr. Seuss side, but I like them!

Things you can’t live without:
A rainbow selection of Art Glitter Opaque colors. I used -- Ultrafine: #119 Cranberry, #140 Canadian Blue, #62 Copper Canyon, #351 Pink Diamond, #350 Butterscotch. Ultrafine Hologram: #136 Chromosphere, #331 Sunburst. Microfine: #519 Reed, #505 Gypsy Mauve
Tombow Dual Brush Pens Set, I used the Jewel set
Tombow Mono Multi Liquid Adhesive
Tombow Stamp Runner
Mailing Tags: 2.5” x 4.75”

Since it doesn’t require any dry time, I’m going to start with the backside. Way easy, way fast, simply run the stamp runner along four sides of the tag. This tape runner is unique because it has a dot texture pattern on it. Now rainbow glitter your exposed tape.

Rainbow Glittering is a part of Barbara Trombley’s Art Glittering System. It is a simple technique that looks exotic! It is based on the fact that with glue and glitter, which ever color hits the open glue first is the winner. So you can cover a spot that has already been glittered and not change the color. History lesson done, on to fun.

Hold your tag in one hand with one end dipped toward your glitter jar/tray. Load up your spoon with that color and slide it along in a line over a small area of the exposed glue that is closest to your tray. Tap off the excess glitter away from the exposed glue. Move on to the next color and create another strip of glitter along the exposed glue, making sure you overlap your first color a little and tap off excess glitter away from exposed glue again. Keep adding new strips of color until glue is covered. Once you do it a couple of times it becomes fast and easy.

Can you guess which colors are the holograms in this photo? I bet you can!

Now you can write in your Tos and Froms with the fine tip of the Tombow pens.

Flip your tag and draw a tree with the brush tip of the Tombow pens. I hold it in my hand like an artist’s paintbrush to take advantage of the full width of the tip. Then just make quick sweeping curves that meet in the middle. No need to be exact. Glitter will cover all that.

Again use the broad side of the brush pen for the base of the tree. Then use the tip of the brush pen to make a tree topper. Slide a different brush tip color along edges if desired.

The Mono Multi Adhesive makes great dots! Just squeeze a tiny bit till glue starts to come out and touch the tag. Cover with a color, then make more dots and cover with another color and so on till done.

Then draw around the brown hole at top and cover with glitter color of choice. Set aside to dry. Tie a ribbon through hole. Done!

I know I’m pretty long winded for such a quick easy tag, but I just love talking about glitter and glue! Enjoy, and HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

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