Saturday, November 24, 2012

Fall Wreath with Tombow and Art Glitter

Art Glitter is having an exciting cross promotion with Tombow.  I knew as soon as I heard we were going to do something with them that I would be using one of my favorite products, Tombow Dual Brush Pens.  So, here is how I made this wreath:
Art Glitter Dries Clear Fabric Adhesive
Art Glitter Ultrafine Opaque 62 Copper Canyon
Art Glitter Ultrafine Transparent 197 Flax
Art Glitter Ultrafine Transparent 295 Ensalada
Art Glitter Ultrafine Transparent 90 Melone
Tombow Dual Brush Pens in various fall colors
Tombow Mono Multi Liquid Glue
Tombow Power Adhesive Tabs
Inkssentials Craft Sheet
Tim Holtz Alterations Tattered Leaves Die
Manual Die Cut Machine (I used Cuttlebug)
1/4 yard Muslin
1/4 yard Brown Duck Cloth
Brown Wrapped Florist Wire
Green Wrapped Florist Wire
18" Grapevine Wreath
Burlap Ribbon
Small Styrofoam or Carvable Pumpkin (I bought mine at the Dollar Store)
Wire Cutters
Paper Towels
Small Paint Brush (optional)

1)  Use Die Cut Machine and Tattered Leaves Die to cut leaves from muslin and duck cloth.  There is no magic number, although I had at least 16 of each leaf.  You should judge it based on your own thoughts of how full the wreath should look.  Also, I found that the muslin cut best with 6 layers and the duck cloth with 3.
2)  Use the brush side of the Dual Brush Pens to color in the muslin.  There is no wrong way to color these.  I wanted tons of color, so I used many pens, but an almost monochromatic look is good, too.  I focused on a different set of colors in each type of leaf.  You don't have to do a great job on coloring these, as the next step erases many errors. Just make sure you saturate them. It might be a good thing to let kids help you with!

3)  Set leaves on the craft sheet and mist with water.  Because the colors are water based, they will move and blend.

4)  Remove the leaves from the craft sheet and set on paper towels to dry.  Allow to dry completely.

5)  Cut the wire into pieces about 4" long.
6)  For each leaf, match the colored top of the leaf with a duck cloth bottom leaf.  Remove the top leaf and set aside.
7)  Use Fabric Dries Clear on duck cloth leaf and smear with either your finger or craft brush.  You want to completely cover the upside of the duck cloth leaf with a light coating of glue.  You don't want to make the glue too saturated so that it removes the color.
8)  Set wire on duck cloth leaf about 1" on the leaf and 3" beneath it.
9)  Match up the colored leaf and press down.  Hold for a few moments and set aside to thoroughly dry.
10)  Make a small puddle of fabric glue on the craft sheet. Use your finger or brush to put a light coating of glue on the leaves where you want them to look "frosted" with glitter.  Don't put over the whole leaf, because you want it to be a lovely accent, but still see the coloring.
11)  Glitter the leaves.  I used the Flax for the leaves with yellow, the Melone for the primarily red leaves, and Ensalada for the green leaves.  You do not want to use the opaque glitter for the leaves because it would obliterate the colors underneath.

12)  Cut styrofoam pumpkin in half.  I used a styrofoam knife.
13)  Cover the pumpkin with Tombo Mono Adhesive.  You can use the wide applicator end, your finger or a brush.  Don 't apply glue to the bottom.
14)  Glitter with Copper Canyon (one of my absolute favorite colors).  Because it is opaque, it can cover an ugly color or even an unattractive seam (Dollar Store pumpkins are not pretty).  Let dry.

15)   Wrap the burlap ribbon around the wreath.  Don't tie yet. 
16)  Attach the pumpkin with Power Adhesive Tabs on the bottom.  You can enhance the adhesion with a little of the Mono Adhesive squeezed into the cracks with the fine applicator.
17)  Use wire to wrap leaves around the vines.
18)  After your placement is correct, use the Mono Adhesive with the fine applicator to glue the backs of some of the leaves to the wreath and make more secure.

You're finished!  Don't want to make a fall wreath this late in the season?  Just imagine how great this wreath would look with frosted Sizzix holly leaves and sparkling mini houses in the center!!!  I feel another project coming on!   Happy Holidays, everyone!

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