Friday, June 28, 2013

Old Glory

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This time, we have created with the gorgeous Freedom Collection.  I made two creations.  The first is a card.  

Art Glitter Microfine Pearlescent 533 Mini Pearl
Authentique Pride Collection Papers
Authentique Pride Collection Sticker Sheet
White Card Stock
Dreamweaver Stencil LL 359 Flag
Dreamweaver Double Sided Mounting Paper
Dreamweaver Handmade Hawaiian Coconut Soap
Dreamweaver Large Stencil Brush
Craft Knife

1)  Center the flag on top of the Double Sided Adhesive Paper, being sure to leave a border around the stencil, and trace the blue area with a pencil.

 2)  Very gently use the craft knife to cut through the protective layer of paper around the tracing and remove.
3)  Rub the bar of soap across the back of the stencil to create a light, cloudy, layer.
4)  Use the stencil brush to remove any of the soap "crumblies" that cling to the edges of the openings on the stencil.
5)  Place the stencil, soap side down, so that the stars are on the opening in the paper.
6)  Pour a little Art Glitter 533 Mini Pearl over the stars and rub in with your finger.  This is the perfect glitter for this because the small grind allows it to get into all of the detail, and the pearlescent effect makes the stars more opaque.
7)  Brush off excess glitter with the stencil brush.
8)  Carefully remove the stencil.
9)  Remove the remaining paper from the adhesive and place the stencil, soap side down, so that the blue square surrounds the stars.
10)  Pour a little Gold Tone onto the pole and the edges and rub in with your finger.
11)  Pour the Ruby Red onto the stripes and carefully rub in with your finger.  Avoid the square.
12)  Pour a little Terra Nova into the square, right over the stars, and rub in with your finger.
13)  Brush off any excess glitter with your stencil brush.
14)  Place the whole thing face down on a flat surface and carefully remove the adhesive paper from the stencil.  Make sure the stencil stays flat on the surface the entire time.
 15)  Brush off the excess with your stencil brush.
16)  Assemble the card.

Now for the bonus project!  A cute, little patriotic birdhouse.

Art Glitter Vintage Glass Glitter 611 Antique Silver
Authentique Pride Collection Papers
Authentique Pride Freedom Collection Sticker Sheet
Authentique Pride Collection Alphabet Sticker Sheet
Authentique Pride Freedom Collection Word Sticker Sheet
Small Birdhouse
Blue Acrylic Paint
Cotton Swab or Paintbrush
Big Bite
Craft Knife

I won't go through an entire tutorial on this one.  Suffice to say, first you paint the edges.  I used a cotton swab, but you can use a paintbrush.  Then, you measure and cut the panels from your choice of paper.  I pressed the front onto the birdhouse to determine where the perch was, and then used the Big Bite to punch the hole there.  
When you adhere your papers, don't forget to use a little Designer Dries Clear.
Finally, you add the stickers and beautiful glitter.  I chose the colors I did because they had a vintage feel.  When applying the stripes and edges, I used the Sticky Tape so that I did not have to worry about the edges being crooked.  I simply peeled off one side, adhered it to the house, and then peeled the other side and poured the glitter on.
Here is a quick peek at the back of the house.
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Until next time, glitter on!

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  1. The technique on that first card is fantastic and perfectly executed and love the little house!

  2. Very nice! The birdhouse
    is so cute and would look
    great sitting on my TV!
    Carla from Utah

  3. Love that "An Eagle at Heart" birdhouse!! So cute and festive!!!!!

  4. Wonderful patriotic projects. Love the glittery flag.

  5. The stencil technique on the card is incredible. I have never seen that before. Your birdhouse is Supercute! Goes up there in my top 5 favorite birdhouses ever!!!