Saturday, June 22, 2013

Star Spangled 4th

Deck out your party and show your patriotism this July 4th with these 3-d stars.  No matter if the party is indoors or out, they make the perfect decorations to welcome your guests and bring  on the fun.  The fabulous glitter from makes these stars a celebration of your liberty this 4th of July. 
Supplies Needed:
    From Art Glitter:                                                   
       Garnet Ultrafine Opaque Glitter                                                     
     Crystal Ultrafine Transparent Glitter                                             
     Atlantis Ultrafine Transparent  Glitter                                          
Additional Supplies:  Paint Brush-to spread glue, star template or die cut, scoring tool, hole punch, twine such as baker's twine 

Begin by creating the star using your favorite method to do that.  A couple of ideas are to use a template printed off the Internet or by using a die cut machine to cut one.   You can cut different sizes of stars or all of the same.  For each 3-d star you make you will need 3 stars cut.  I chose to make two 4" sized stars and one 6". 
Once you have the stars made, squeeze small amount of glue onto one side of them and use the paint brush to spread it out.  

Sprinkle the Crystal glitter over the glue making sure to work quickly so the glue doesn't dry.  You can save time and do all of the stars on one side first and allow them to dry and once those sides are dried flip them over and do the same to the other sides. 
Using the metal tip on the Designer Dries Clear, run a small line of glue along the edge of the star and sprinkle on the glitter.  I alternated the glittered edges by doing some using the Garnet glitter and some using the Atlantis glitter to give the stars their own individual looks to match the paper designs.  If you work on this step while glue used for the base coat is still a little tacky, you will get some of the glitter to adhere as seen in this picture.  That's okay.  It will add more shine and color.
Once all the stars have completed dried and outlined in glitter, score 2 of them down the center.  Run a line of glue down the center of the one that was not scored and adhere the scored stars one on each side and lightly fold outwards the stars at the fold lines to create the 3-d look.   Punch a hole in the top and add some twine to create the hangers. 
You are now ready for the perfect star spangled party.  Your guests can be greeted as they enter with these sparkling stars that will add to the excitement of your event.  If you're not having a celebration create some anyways to ring in your own July 4th pride.  


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  1. I'm for SURE making these for our 4th of July celebration at the park!!! The glitter makes them so special!

  2. These are so pretty with all that sparkling glitter!! How awesome they would look with the flash of fireworks reflecting off of them.

  3. These are lovely
    and would be so easy
    to make and hang
    everywhere! Great
    Carla from Utah

  4. Beautiful stars! What a wonderful way to decorate for the holiday!