Thursday, June 6, 2013

Something Borrowed & Something Blue Momento Box



This memento box makes the perfect gift for all of your treasured wedding items.  It is made especially with the bride in mind to keep those borrowed and blue items in.  Use it to make sure they get to the ceremony safely and after the wedding is over; store those special items inside to treasure always.  They make a nice gift for the bridesmaids, too. The gorgeous products from Art Glitter and Authentique makes this box a special memory in itself.
   From Art Glitter:                                                           
     Lemone Ultrafine Transparent Glitter                           From Authentique Paper Company:
     Crystal Ultrafine Transparent Glitter                      "Summer Three" from the Seasons Collection
     Confetti Vintage Diamond Dust                             "Summer One"    from the Seasons Collection
     Diamond Dust Vintage Glass Glitter                    
Also needed:  Blue and Yellow Paint to Match ( I used Calypso Blue and Golden Straw by Americana), Paper Mache Round Box, Paintbrushes, Several Cotton Balls, Scissors, Paper Trimmer (optional) and 1/4" white ribbon. 


After painting the box and allowing to dry, measure the circumference of your box to determine the length of the paper you will need.  For this box, it measures 24" round so I cut 2 strips of the "Summer One" paper that were 12" in length and 3" wide.  I wanted the opening in the front for the paint to show through in a small area so I decided how much space to leave open and then cut the excess of the back of the box where the two strips meet and then adhered it down. 

Take a cotton ball dipped lightly into the Designer Dries Clear Glue and then dab it onto a paper towel to remove excess.  Lightly pounce it in small sections on the edge of the lid.  Sprinkle the Diamond Dust Vintage Glass Glitter onto the glue and allow to dry.  Also, using a paint brush lightly spread some glue onto the open area left on the box between the 2 strips of paper.  Sprinkle some of the Diamond Dust onto it, too, and allow to dry. Tap off the excess from both pieces and replace it into the jar. 
Spread the Designer Dries Clear Glue using the foam brush in small areas.  Using your fingers sprinkle Crystal Ultrafine Glitter over the top of the glue working quickly so the glue does not dry before covering it with the glitter.  Continue doing this until you have covered all of the lid.  

Spread the Designer Dries Clear Glue in small sections on the side and sprinkle some of the Lemone glitter over it with your fingers until you have completely worked around the outside of the box.  

Cut 4 pieces of 1/4" ribbon approximately 4" in length and iron the ends to the inside and tack with glue to create a finished edge.  Using the Ultrafine Metal Tip on the bottle of Fabric Dries Clear, add staggered glue dots down the piece of ribbon and sprinkle with the Lemone glitter.  Remove the excess and allow to dry.  Glue the pieces of ribbons onto the front of the box (the space left between the patterned paper pieces) in an "x" pattern as shown in the finished picture of the box. 

Now, cut a circle from the "Summer Three" paper by Authentique by tracing the box lid onto the back of the paper and cut it out.  Adhere it to the lid. 

Fussy cut around 2 of the butterflies and then add Designer Dries Clear Glue to the open areas (the white areas) of the butterflies.  Sprinkle them with the Confetti Vintage Glitter Glass and tap off the excess back into the jar.  Allow them to dry.  Glue them onto the top of the box. 

The box is now ready to give as a joyful gift for that special wedding.  It will become a cherished piece just as the mementos that are kept inside. 




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  1. Love this box ! what a cool idea to save some of those wedding memories !

  2. Great idea. I really
    like the blue used
    on it and the butterflies.
    Carla from Utah

  3. Beautiful box, Peg. Love the butterflies and glittery effects.

  4. Very pretty for wedding mementos!

  5. What a beautiful project! Wonderful description of the process too.
    Many thanks!
    Sue Brailey

  6. Love this sparkly box. What a wonderful way to save memories.

  7. Any bride would be thrilled to receive this!

  8. Such a pretty altered box, a real transformation!

  9. lovely project made with love...