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Gazebo Christmas Card

Gazebo Christmas Card
"Northwoods stamps" & "Art Glitter"


This month we are happy to be teaming up with Northwoods!

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Step 1
Heather started out by using the Northwoods Gazebo Stamp and the Art Glitter Black ink pad to stamp her image onto white card stock.  Heather decided to go old school, and leave out the shading, and go for a "Retro Look."  

Step 2
Heather used # BG45 for the sky, E09 for the trees, YG17 for the Pine Trees, and DR3 for the bows and outer circle (you will see this later).
Step 3
Heather cut out a 3.5" square of the red card stock, then used her Perfect Layers Ruler to cut the piece of red striped paper.  A lace punch by Martha Stewart was used with the Gecko Galz light blue striped paper.  All edges were inked with Ranger's Vintage Photo Distress ink.
Step 4
Heather Flipped her card over and place a strip of the Sticky tape across the Top of the card.  She also attached all her paper layers using the sticky tape.
Step 5
Heather used the Perfect Layers Rulers to size the red striped paper.  She has one end at 1 inch and one at 3/4 inch, where the sides were cut with the 1/8 inch.  She then trimmed her punched pieces (lining them up with the edges of the red square).
Step 6
Heather put a strip of the red sticky tape across the back of the top edge of card, then applied her Red Swirl Ribbon using enough ribbon to create a bow on the front of the card.
Step 7
The Ultra fine tip applicator and Designer dries clear glue were used to add some glue to the bare trees.
Step 8
Heather added Camel Glitter to the bare trees.  Heather turned her stamped image upside down, then used the fine tip applicator to add little commas of glue to the pine trees. You will notice in the photo how there glue has a dot shape with a tail pointing toward the top of the stamped image.  It is easier to get this look with your piece turned.
Step 9
Heather used Amazon glitter on the pine trees, then added more glue to the large pine tree.
Step 10
Heather continued to use the DDCG and UFTA to apply glue to the red bows and to the Gazebo.  
Step 11
Then Garnet Glitter was applied to the bows, and Poupon was added to the Gazebo (wood areas).  More glue added to the snow areas (ground and Gazebo roof).
Step 12
Fairy Dust Glitter was added to snow areas.  Then Heather colored the outside circle with the DR3 marker.
Step 13
Heather used the Tombo Foam tabs to elevate her stamped circle image piece from the red cardstock square.  Heather used the Designer dries clear glue without the fine tip applicator to apply larger dots of glue around the edges of the circle.  Then sprinkled on the Garnet Glitter.  She also tied a bow in the ribbon and used more of the red sticky tape to hold it in place on the front.
Step 14
Heather cut a tiny piece of the red sticky tape and placed in the upper left of her card between the red ribbon and red cardstock square, on the blue striped punched piece.
Step 15
Heather attached the ribbon to the red sticky tape, then cut another tiny piece of the red sticky tape and placed in the upper left of her card (refer to photo, kind of hard to see, just below Heather's watermark).
Step 16
Next Heather flipped up the end of the ribbon piece, so that the red cardstock square is fully visible (no ribbon covering).  She did the same for the other side.
Step 17
Heather used the DDCG and UFTA to apply glue to the deep ivory roses and leaf trim.  Little dots of glue were added to the red cardstock square (please refer to photo)
Step 18
Heather did the same thing for all corners of the red cardstock square.
Step 19 
Heather added Chamois glitter to all the little dots of glue.  After that dried, she attached the focal piece to her cream card stock card base.  More glue was added to the edges of the card, and more Chamois glitter was added.  A tiny red button tied with cotton candy baker's twine was added under the bow and above the focal circle of Heather's card.
(This is a close up of the top of Heather's Card).
Step 20
Tiny sentiment box "Joy" was placed on the card using more foam tabs.  It was done using the UFTA and DDCG and covered with Amazon glitter.
(this is a close up of the bottom of Heather's card).
How about a close up of the faby
Northwoods Snowy Gazebo Image!
One more look at Heather's Card.

Thank you for stopping by and hope you enjoyed Heather's Tutorial using
Art Glitter and the fabulous "Northwoods Snowy Gazebo Stamp!"
Hopefully you will see that the image itself is GORGEOUS, and that you could dress it up for any winter occasion!

Feel free to stop by and see Heather's other projects using Art Glitter on her blog.

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  1. Heather, your card is gorgeous! What a joy it would be to get a beauty like this in the mail - although I'm not sure I'd be able to part with it if I'd created it!!