Monday, October 28, 2013


Winter Fun
 Even the woodland creatures like to have fun in the snow and these cute little tobogganing squirrels are no exception.  This wonderful stamps from Northwoods Rubber Stamps makes an awesome card for the holiday season.  This month, the Art Glitter design team has teamed up with Northwoods Rubber Stamps to bring some sparkle to your holiday season.

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Supplies Needed:

     From Art Glitter: /> Glitter:
     Lime Rind Ultrafine Opaque Glitter
     Varsity Blue Ultrafine Pearlescent
     Garnet Ultrafine Opaque Glitter
     White Satin Ultrafine Pearlescent Glitter
     Designer Dries Clear Glue:
     Spoon Man! Spoons:
     Metal Tip:

     From Northwoods Rubber Stamps:
       Nora's Tobogganing Squirrels: />
Also Needed:  Ink for stamping, card stock to make card base, white card stock, 1 sheet of patterned paper for layering onto card base, markers, dark blue/grey ink pad for inking sky line and a piece of ribbon

Begin by creating the card base and trimming a piece of patterned paper to fit onto the base.  Add the ribbon across the card.  Lay all of this aside.

Stamp the image onto the white card stock and color.  Trim it to fit the card.  Use the blue/grey ink pad upside down and beginning off the paper move in small circles gradually moving it onto the paper and into the areas needed to be shaded. 
Place the metal tip onto the bottle of Designer Dries Clear Glue and place small balls of glue onto the tassels of the squirrels hats.  Sprinkle each with glitter and allow it to sit for just a minute to get a good adherence.  Shake off the excess.  You can do this one at a time and put the colors back into their original containers or do them all at once and shake the excess into a separate container to have a glitter mix for other projects.  It's a fun way to create a mixture of colors.  

 Now, add small dots of glue onto the dotted areas of the stamped image.  Work in small sections and add the glitter to them while the glue is still wet.  Continue to cover all of them with glue and glitter.  Allow it to set and shake off the excess. 

 Still using the glue with the tip on it, add some glue to the ends of the branches and trace the lines under the toboggan.  Sprinkle glitter onto those areas and shake off the excess. 

Allow the image to dry and adhere it to the card base. 

Join these fun loving squirrels and have some sparkling fun this season.  Share the fun with someone in your thoughts and send one to him or her, too.  Everyone needs to have a little fun once in a while.

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